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Do you feel it? Do you feel the love, America? The Olympics are here and I love them. I love the patriotic spirit everyone has, I love the couch judging of sports you could never do yourself, I love cheering for people representing you in front of the world even though you never met them…I just love it all! Here are some great examples of red, white and blue to help keep you cheering, “USA! USA! USA!”

The blue lacquered walls and black/white herringbone floor makes this room come alive for me. It would be a serious statement entryway for any home.

This picture from Pottery Barn is pure Americana. Blue and white pillows with images of sailboats resting on loungers by the ocean? Yes, please!

This is thrown in just for fun. I really enjoy the stripes against the polka dots!

I think people in the Northeast do America the best! This room screams Nantucket to me with the red and white coral pillows and a shell mirror in the background.

I am so ready for a pool of my own so I’m always drawn to images of pools first. I love the blue and white graphics of the pillows!

This looks like a room I could really live in. I want to put my feet up on those coral stools and I would love to have those curtains in our house!


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Are you ready America? Because we are ready to party for you! I love the summer, especially the patriotism of it. If I was hosting a party to celebrate our nation, here are a few of the details I would include.

I would fill an apothecary jar with beans to make a cute display of red, white and blue in the simplest form.

I would drink patriotic sangria…

Out of adorable mason jars with red, white and blue striped straws! The twine bow is a very cute touch to these.

And finally I would enjoy some ice cream with fruit on it but probably not before it dripped all over my hand because it is already so stinking hot.

I hope you enjoy your holiday next week. Be safe and stay cool!

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