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Yesterday we celebrated a fun milestone – three years in our second house! Happy 3 year housiversary to us! And yes, I’m making that word up and I’m okay with it.

Happy 3 Years to the houseWe have come a long way, especially the front yard. The first weekend we lived here we (with the help of our family) ripped out the massive Bradford Pear tree that was sucking water away from our Oak trees and we ripped out the oversize hedges that lined the walkway to the house. I love it so much more now – lots of small rose bushes along the walkway, hostas along the front porch and you can actually see the front door!

For a list of the projects we’ve done so far on the house, check out this post. We have more to go but its fun to look back on where we started!

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Happy Five Years!

5 Year AnniversaryEnjoy your weekend – we will be enjoying ours as we celebrate five years of marriage on Sunday! FIVE years, wow! Happy Anniversary and Happy Easter!

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Wow. FOUR years! I can’t believe it. Time flies when you’re having fun with your best friend. Happy Anniversary, boo! xoxo

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