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Now that the dining room is painted, I am working on filling it with art and making it more me/us. The only wall that doesn’t have an opening or window is a pretty big one. Finding something to fill it that wasn’t expensive was proving difficult so I started thinking outside of the box and kept seeing rooms that used simple frames filled with fun patterns and colors. That was my starting point for the simple and cheap art project!

I first thought about using wallpaper samples like I’ve seen on various pictures across Pinterest but when I saw these cocktail napkins at Anthropologie, I knew they would be perfect! Conner has been asking for more color than just blue, green, grey and white so I figured he would like these as well. They are each a 10″ square and only $24 for a set of four – much cheaper than four art prints!

I saw these white wall frames from Target and knew they would be the ones. White frames look so sharp to me and the light color would help each picture stand out. The frames are 11×14″ with an 8×10″ opening in the mats. The perfect opening for each napkin!

Before attaching the napkins to the mats, I ironed them and removed the care labels so they wouldn’t create a dark spot on the pictures. I pulled each napkin tight and used six small pieces of tape on the back to secure them to the mats. It was fairly simple and quick – my favorite kind of art!

Here is a look at how they turned out – Love! It is a great punch of saturated color that definitely brightens up the space. It helps fill up this large wall and makes it feel more cozy in this room.

Now I’m on the hunt to find something fun to put above the buffet. I wanted to do a grouping of the John Derian plates but I think that would be too much with the frames above the chairs so now I’ve got to find the perfect somethin’-somethin’ to fill this part of the wall…and get our chairs recovered!

Have you tried any fun and cheap art lately? Let me know if you have done something similar or try this project, I would love to see it!

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First off, congratulations to Cynthia who won the UPrinting giveaway last week! Make sure you check your email and get back to me so we can get you your prize.

Now to the topic at hand – some of my most favorite things in life are great candles. I like them to be pretty and they most definitely must smell unbelievable! A mediocre candle will not do for me and they must last. I like to burn them all of the time, as long as I’m home. (Safety first!) Some save them for special occasions but life is most definitely too short for that. Did you wake up today? It is a special day, burn a pretty candle!

This Blue Volcano candle has to be like Heaven on Earth. The scent from one of these will warm up your whole house and it lasts so long! These also make the best presents. I haven’t found one person who doesn’t like it and they are so pretty!

Ah, Voluspa. I love this tin. They come in pretty tins and normal glass jars but I love the decoration on the tin! This Persimmon scent is my favorite for our bedroom and bathroom. The Crisp Champagne is also amazing. These also make wonderful presents and a great stocking stuffer!! (Hint, hint!)

Since we are so close to fall, I also love a delicious pumpkin candle! Any generic, random brand will do. You can light one or two throughout your house with your regular candles and you will immediately smell Thanksgiving dinner, it is my favorite. These can be purchased anywhere and along with a bottle of wine, are the perfect ‘thanks for having me over for the holidays’ hostess gift!

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Today, I’m currently coveting this bed from Anthropologie.

I love how gorgeous and unique it is!! I can only imagine the possibilities a room centered around this would take on. I love it so much and immediately started wondering how I could DIY this instead of paying $2,500? Hah!

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In two weeks, our two guest bedrooms are going to be ours again! My brother has been living with us while saving for a home of his own so he is living in one room and all of our ‘stuff’ combined has been occupying room number two. It will be quiet and lonely when he moves out but I am itching with plans for both rooms so here is what I want to do with the first room…

This is one of the pictures I found for my St. Patrick’s Day inspired rooms. I love, love, love it! We already have the green paint and I am currently obsessed with white in rooms – this is perfect for us.

I love reading what Sarah at Thrifty Decor Chick is up to and trying out in her house. She is obsessed with molding, as am I. The guest bedroom doesn’t have any so that will be project number one! Sarah started her molding projects with a $14 miter box and a hammer and nails. My mom and I are up for the challenge of installing our own molding and luckily can use her compressed nail gun instead of just a hammer and nails!

What room isn’t complete without bedding? We have a double bed already for the room but have no bedding. My absolute favorite is the pintucked bedding from Anthropologie. The price however is ridiculous! I hate how expensive pretty bedding is so thanks to kojodesigns, we will be making this for $30 instead of $248. $30!!! I mean, get out of town!

Stick around, I’ll show you the steps to getting this dream guest bedroom and should have some fantastic stories of our attempts at these projects!

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Today, I am currently coveting this dress from Anthropologie.

I love everything about it, including the pattern, shape and v-neck scoop! It is gorgeous and has just enough drape with just enough dressy to be perfect for any event this summer. I think I’ve found this year’s birthday dress! (Yes, I know. My birthday is June 18 but it is never too early to plan!)

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Anthropologie is one of the greatest stores ever! Not only do they have some of the best clothing and home goods, they always have amazing front window displays.

This month, Anthropologie teamed up with the Cork Forest Conservation Alliance and Kendall-Jackson to help recycle wine corks and celebrate Earth Day! It is so impressive to see what they could do with the plain, brown corks.

Each store across the country has a different display. Anthropologie’s page on Facebook highlights some of the best of the best. The colors of this one are so impressive and gorgeous!

I spy lots of orange! I know I’m going to love this one.

Incredible! I love the way the cork display colors and patterns are tied into the outfits on display in front.

This one is beautiful! They used things from nature (plants, etc) mixed in with the corks to create the pattern and texture.

I want to make this one!! I wonder how I could do it? It gives me something to look forward to once we have collected enough corks. We’re starting over on our collection since I finished our cork mirror in the kitchen.

The smaller spheres combined with the bigger ones plus the plant life spilling out is over the top! I love the dress they have in front of it, too. Such a show-stopping display!

If you have an Anthropologie near you, what does your display look like? Send me a picture, I would love to see it!

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Renew with BHLDN

Is three years of marriage too early to renew your vows? Because I want to have another ceremony and wear everything from BHLDN! (Beholden, without the vowels) This is the newest concept from Anthropologie and I am in L.O.V.E.!

I want to wear this gown and have another huge party with my closest family and friends! I love these pleats and the way they fall on the body. I also love this color for a second wedding/renewal ceremony. See?! It is fate.

Aside from the gorgeous clothes and jewelry, I love the images and photographs shown throughout the website. Every picture is a piece of art!

I think this dress would be perfection on a mother of the bride! I am not a huge fan of the one-shoulder dress, but I love the way this looks and the way the seams lay on the body would be super flattering for those millions of photos!

I am very excited to see what BHLDN does and also if I get to see any of these pretties in person! Check out the website for yourself, here.

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