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Now that the dining room is painted, I am working on filling it with art and making it more me/us. The only wall that doesn’t have an opening or window is a pretty big one. Finding something to fill it that wasn’t expensive was proving difficult so I started thinking outside of the box and kept seeing rooms that used simple frames filled with fun patterns and colors. That was my starting point for the simple and cheap art project!

I first thought about using wallpaper samples like I’ve seen on various pictures across Pinterest but when I saw these cocktail napkins at Anthropologie, I knew they would be perfect! Conner has been asking for more color than just blue, green, grey and white so I figured he would like these as well. They are each a 10″ square and only $24 for a set of four – much cheaper than four art prints!

I saw these white wall frames from Target and knew they would be the ones. White frames look so sharp to me and the light color would help each picture stand out. The frames are 11×14″ with an 8×10″ opening in the mats. The perfect opening for each napkin!

Before attaching the napkins to the mats, I ironed them and removed the care labels so they wouldn’t create a dark spot on the pictures. I pulled each napkin tight and used six small pieces of tape on the back to secure them to the mats. It was fairly simple and quick – my favorite kind of art!

Here is a look at how they turned out – Love! It is a great punch of saturated color that definitely brightens up the space. It helps fill up this large wall and makes it feel more cozy in this room.

Now I’m on the hunt to find something fun to put above the buffet. I wanted to do a grouping of the John Derian plates but I think that would be too much with the frames above the chairs so now I’ve got to find the perfect somethin’-somethin’ to fill this part of the wall…and get our chairs recovered!

Have you tried any fun and cheap art lately? Let me know if you have done something similar or try this project, I would love to see it!

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This weekend I updated the look of our entryway buffet. (An original picture, plus the original before and after link here.) Depending on the season and my mood, this area never looks the same for long. The start of a new year, plus the fact that one of the knobs on the top drawer broke, made it time for a change in this space.

I got a new lamp from Target a couple months ago and I love the airy, lighter feel it gives. I tried to balance out the tallness of the left by layering a picture and some books on the right. I’m not 100% sold on this look yet but I like it for now – which is all that matters, right? 🙂

I couldn’t remember where I got the original knobs from so I picked up three new knobs from Lowe’s that I thought would look good for the top drawers. The mis-matched pulls actually look pretty good! I think it helps that I covered the original drawer pull holes with the black backplates so it makes sense to have a different knob on top.

The silver frame was purchased at Target and I printed a picture I found on Pinterest (link here) that I really liked. Abstract art is pretty cool when done in similar tones like this. I’m not a huge fan of the crazy, over-the-top abstracts, but this one fits really well with our home color scheme. I love cheap art!

Have you heard that you’re supposed to take off the dust covers on your books? I had too and finally did it…makes such a difference! The top book with the cool link design? Its Nate Burkus’ book. Of course! He is the one that preaches about this no-cover practice so it fits that inside his cover is a really cool piece of art. The only cover still on is the bottom PB one, I had to have a pop of orange!

I’m getting the itch to paint this piece of furniture again…Heaven help me, it hasn’t even been two years since I painted it the last time!

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I love these John Derian British Seaweed decoupage plates! They are so pretty and I was so excited to get my first one for Christmas!

I hope to collect all nine and hang them just like this in our dining room, above our buffet. Yesterday I found them online at Horchow for a heck of a sale price but of course they were sold out. Of course.

Since I am the proud owner of one, I wanted to display it without putting any holes in the wall. That will have to wait until I own at least 3 more – hah! Here’s how I have displayed my first one and it is working out perfectly. Hopefully it doesn’t take me 8 more Christmases to get the other plates!

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Displaying Kids’ Art

I saw an article someone posted on Twitter last week and I immediately sent it to my friends with kids. I absolutely loved the ideas that were featured in the Top 20 Art Displays for Kids Art!

This would be a great DIY project. Doors and windows are always at antique, thrift and second-hand shops. Punch out the glass and replace with chicken wire and start clipping up your child’s favorite art projects!

West Elm has a cable system like this and it is a great idea for an awkward or blank wall in your home! This is a great idea if you like to constantly change out the artwork or if you have multiple children, each child gets his/her own row!

This one is my favorite! I love the use of the same frames in a grid pattern. (I think I may also be partial to the wall of blue wood wall and capiz shell chandy!) Using the same white frames with white mattes helps pop out each piece of art and really make them a focal point.

So which one is your favorite? Check them all out here.

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Art knock-offs

I saw this art piece at my friend Shannon’s house last month. I love it! Most of the girls at her house knew the artist but I’m not up to speed on that stuff so I have no clue who it is who made these (sorry!). I just knew that I liked them and can’t wait to make my own! I think this will be a perfect project for dreary January or February.

The same artist made this piece that is hanging in her little boy’s nursery. How adorable is this?! I love the gray wash to it and want to make this for our master bedroom but change the quote. Have you all seen the quote from Winnie the Pooh? I love it! Some people use it for speeches at weddings and I think it is great for our master bedroom: “If you live to be 100, I hope I live to be 100 minus 1 day, so I never have to live without you.” How sweet is that? I think this will be a perfect February project to do for Valentine’s Day!

When I showed this picture to my co-worker and we were talking about the Winnie the Pooh quote, she got me hip to Ben’s Garden and John Derian. Do you all know about this? I am in love!! I don’t need to collect anything else but man, I would love to have some of these plates!

The cool thing about Ben’s Garden is that you can submit a photo and they will make a custom decoupage tray for you! I would love to give this as a wedding or anniversary present! Or…receive as an anniversary present (hint! hint!) 🙂

The John Derian plates are gorgeous! People hang them in their houses as collections or use them as trays for bathrooms and sink areas. They are crazy expensive but so gorgeous! There are word trays/plates and then also super cool pictures of animals or abstracts. Check the sites out when you have time. It is my new obsession!

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My kind of art

These are so pretty!! I like the idea of wearing art instead of hanging it.

Fey Grove Dress:

Curled Zinnia Dress:

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