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Yes, that’s right…I think my black thumb (http://lauraandconnersteen.blogspot.com/2010/05/black-thumb.html) is maybe turning green! The flowers and plants my mom planted in our front yard and doing pretty good! I’m trying to overlook that they’re not perfect. Obviously I can’t help the over 100 degree temps we’ve had for many weeks running and I am trying my best to combat the slugs that love my hostas! But other than that, I think I’m doing pretty dang good. The rose bush continually has many blooms on it and everything is getting bigger and prettier!

Today, I am still sore and sunburned from working with my mother-in-law for 5 hours in the beds in the backyard! I am so grateful that she took that much time to come help me get the jungle in the backyard tamed down. I was very overwhelmed with how much had become over-grown, how much had started to really brown from the heat and just the simple fact that there are multiple types of flowers in each bed! She was a champ and kept on working in the heat, even when I stopped to make lunch and get a couple of things from Lowe’s.

She worked so hard and taught me what to cut back, what to leave alone and what to watch for later in the year. I am also very excited to finally learn some names of those flowers…now lets see if I can remember any of them! 🙂 We worked on two beds yesterday and next weekend (I’m praying for cooler weather!) I’m going to try and tackle the rest of the beds all by myself. Here’s hoping it still looks good…

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