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Our front entryway is a fun one for me to change-up. I use the same basics – the table I DIY’d, mirror, lamp and lanterns – but like to switch up the other accessories. I still have some tweaks and adjustments I want to make to this area but the walls are freshly painted and so are the crown molding and baseboards so its a start!

Pretty much the same as last time just a little different, right? I filled the lanterns on the floor with the string moss/grass you can get at Hobby Lobby and put candles in the middle of them. Now that I look at this, the candles are crooked. Whoops!

The orchid is from Whole Foods, one of my new favorite OKC places. Our Whole Foods is pretty new and is a really great source for inexpensive flowers. The moss-wrapped letter hanging on the mirror is still the same from last year. I’m so happy it still looks good!

I love this tray I got from Target. It was pretty cheap and isn’t fancy at all but I thought the colors were perfectly bright for the summer! I’ve had the decorating books for a while and they are capped off with a John Derian plate and delicious smelling candle. Now that the wall is down, this one candle smells up our entire living area. So much easier than having one candle in each room!

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Design Sponge at Home

I added another item to my Christmas Wish List board on Pinterest! The Design Sponge at Home book looks so good with tons of inspiration and I would love to have this at home for reference and help with my design style.

I have seen previews for this book and the reviews all sound really great. I’ve been keeping tabs on Grace through Twitter, just hoping she’s coming to OKC for a signing! I would love to meet her and hear any advice she has for DIY and blogging.

If you already have a copy, I would love to hear your thoughts and reviews of the book! Also, if you haven’t visited the website yet, check out Design Sponge online here.

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Have any of you ever had ivy growing around your house? You have to be careful because it can grow faster than you expect and find itself in odd places.

Just like this. On top of the kitchen cabinets? Absolutely not. Lets all get real right now. Fake ivy has got to GO! Nothing like that grows on top of your kitchen cabinets so why use it to decorate? It is just sitting up there, collecting dust in the one of the places that should be the cleanest!

Please make a pact with me that if you are currently committing this major faux pas, you will take care of it immediately. There are so many better options! If a ‘professional’ designer tells you to use it, ask to see their certification immediately!

Look at how great Sarah’s kitchen looks! She is using accessories and getting creative with what she is putting up top. This can be challenging for some but no matter what, don’t feel pressured and revert back to the 90’s kitchens! Use what you have, I bet you have more than you think, and check your local thrift stores for cheap and great items that can be cleaned up and transformed with spray paint!

I have also seen a ton of fake flowers and ivy used for decorating shelves and bookcases. Please don’t. Just, please don’t. Flowers don’t grow away from light and ivy certainly doesn’t grow in this area either. Look at how cool these bookshelves are using, wait for it, books!

Start collecting items from around your house that need a change of scenery or are sitting in closets. I bet you have more accessories than you think and can create much more creative vignettes than just slapping up a string of fake and expensive ivy! Look around, grab some books and go to town in a fresh and so-2011 way!

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