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This weekend I updated the look of our entryway buffet. (An original picture, plus the original before and after link here.) Depending on the season and my mood, this area never looks the same for long. The start of a new year, plus the fact that one of the knobs on the top drawer broke, made it time for a change in this space.

I got a new lamp from Target a couple months ago and I love the airy, lighter feel it gives. I tried to balance out the tallness of the left by layering a picture and some books on the right. I’m not 100% sold on this look yet but I like it for now – which is all that matters, right? 🙂

I couldn’t remember where I got the original knobs from so I picked up three new knobs from Lowe’s that I thought would look good for the top drawers. The mis-matched pulls actually look pretty good! I think it helps that I covered the original drawer pull holes with the black backplates so it makes sense to have a different knob on top.

The silver frame was purchased at Target and I printed a picture I found on Pinterest (link here) that I really liked. Abstract art is pretty cool when done in similar tones like this. I’m not a huge fan of the crazy, over-the-top abstracts, but this one fits really well with our home color scheme. I love cheap art!

Have you heard that you’re supposed to take off the dust covers on your books? I had too and finally did it…makes such a difference! The top book with the cool link design? Its Nate Burkus’ book. Of course! He is the one that preaches about this no-cover practice so it fits that inside his cover is a really cool piece of art. The only cover still on is the bottom PB one, I had to have a pop of orange!

I’m getting the itch to paint this piece of furniture again…Heaven help me, it hasn’t even been two years since I painted it the last time!

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Some friends of ours purchased a new home this year and they needed help finding some new furniture. First on the list was something for their kitchen that would hold their china and other nice dishes.

I found this buffet with hutch on Craigslist for $175. I sent the link to Becky & Kyle and two days later, it was in their garage, ready for a little paint and glaze action.

It was a great piece and in really good condition. All of the wood in their house is a gorgeous dark color so I know they were excited for something a little different but they were aprehensive about how it would turn out. I knew though, I knew! 🙂

Here it is in all of its glory – gorgeous! Both the hutch and the buffet were given several coats of paint, using Kyle’s paint sprayer, and then glazed with a black glaze using the technique of brushing on with a foam brush and wiping off with an old rag. It was fun showing them how it didn’t have to be perfect, it just had to be what you like.

Some spots don’t have a ton of glaze and some have a lot but it turned out exactly how I thought it would and probably even a little better than they expected! The hardware that is shown is all original to the piece. Kyle spray painted it all with several coats of Oil Rubbed Bronze and I love the contrast it gives to the buffet! It is amazing what looks ugly and what looks beautiful with some help from great spray paint.

Here is a look at the buffet part again. She was in good condition, just needed a little something-something to gussy her up!

And here is the after again. I am so pleased with it and so happy Becky & Kyle were willing to take the risk and go with my idea! It was fun to work with them and see them enjoy the before and after process as much as I do.

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I love this centerpiece that Pottery Barn is currently featuring!! I love the natural look but have never really gotten into the whole nest thing. So, I figured I could create this on my own.

Mine is a little more crazy, free flowing than the PB version but I like it! We (read: Conner) trimmed some branches off of our Magnolia tree and then I spray painted them silver.

I stuck the branches in a big hurricane vase we had from our wedding ($13 instead of $80!) and filled it with faux snow I had on hand. The red beady garland was leftover from a Christmas past and I thought gave the centerpiece a little pop of red.

The ice ornaments were purchased from Target two years ago and the crystal drops are from the original chandelier that was in the dining room. Unfortunately the top of my head and the bottom of the chandelier had a little accident so the chandelier went in the trash and the crystals that weren’t broken in half went into a plastic baggie, just for projects like this!

Here is a view from the back of the centerpiece, looking into the entryway and our Salvation Army buffet. I am very pleased with how it turned out! I am still on the hunt for a tablecloth/runner and napkins…hope to have an updated picture with that soon!

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Well hello again…it is time for another Holiday Home party! I can’t wait to see everyone’s links and get some great ideas for our house.

I love our entryway buffet! Aside from our king-sized bed that I can never seem to drag myself out of every morning, it is definitely my most favorite piece of furniture in the house. It might have a little something to do with the fact that I found this piece and restored it myself…just maybe that might be it…

I always play around with the decorations in this area so it is the perfect place to showcase my 2010 Christmas Vignette for Southern Hospitality’s Holiday Home Linky Party, Kelly’s Korner’s Show Us Your Life Entryway Party and Hooked On Houses Impromptu Linky Party!

I think I’m still playing around with the decor here but for now, I like it! I wanted to do some whimsy with the traditional so I kept my orange platter (this OSU girl has to have a pop of orange in every room!) but put the traditional silver candle holders in it.

These candlesticks were a thrift store find for only $3.25…total! They were brassy, ugly gold. Gross. A quick spray of some silver spray paint and we were on our way to better holders! I added some faux snow (don’t kill me but I’m ready for snow!) and fresh greenery from one of the bushes in the backyard to round out the filled tray.

This mirror was a Hobby Lobby half-off purchase when we moved in and is a wonderful holder for my coffee filter wreath! I love this wreath more and more…so happy I tried it! Thanks to Jessica at Craftily Ever After for the “Wise Men Still Seek Him” print…I’ll show you all about that later this week.

This was another Hobby Lobby half-off purchase. More faux snow and some red ornaments transform it into a perfect Christmas accessory! The ‘Believe’ sign was a purchase at last year’s Junior League Mistletoe Market. I completely forgot about it until I opened up the Christmas storage tubs this year – love that!

This is the first thing you see when you walk in our front door and I am so happy with it! The lamp was left at one of Conner’s college rent houses and has been the best lamp I’ve ever had. I can put any shade on it and it works out great!

Thanks for visiting! I’ll leave you with one last shot of my favorite vignette area…come back soon, it will probably change in another week!

If you’d like to see how I transformed this buffet, check out my post here. I’m linking back to Southern Hospitality, Kelly’s Korner and Hooked on Houses for the parties…I hope you’ll join me!

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When I moved into our first house back in 2006, I needed furniture and needed it badly. I think that’s when I started loving the process of finding second-hand furniture and making it my own. The TV stand, bar and buffet all were pieces that I updated with some paint and new knobs. The feeling of transforming something was so addicting and I was ready to do it to everything in my sight! Enter my husband who said, “Slow your roll, sister. Not everything needs to be painted, glazed, distressed or sanded.” So I stopped. But then we moved…and here we go again!!

This buffet was purchased at a Salvation Army in Tulsa a couple months before the first home was purchased. It was a weird brown wood tone (the inside of the door, I believe, was close to it) and had the most heinous hardware known to man. Conner and I had been dating for several years at this point but his parents hadn’t ever seen me do anything crafty so when we pulled up to their house with this purchase, they thought I was completely out of my mind. Luckily, they soon saw my plan – a distressed black paint and some new, pretty hardware! It was a quick and simple (and cheap!) update that made it perfect for our first house.

When we moved into our new house, I knew this piece would be perfect for our entryway. We have a pretty large area but the black was just blah and made the entryway feel cramped and crowded. I was going for welcoming, open and airy so the piece needed an instant update. I took off the hardware and gave it several coats of primer to begin the transformation.

Here she is now!! (sorry I don’t have a next-step picture. I’m working on getting better at this) After the primer dried, I painted two coats of “Teal Zeal” by Behr on the buffet. After I let this dry overnight, I took some glaze and painted it on. I used the Ralph Lauren glaze you can buy at Home Depot and had them tint it with black.

The process was pretty simple. I painted on the glaze with a sponge brush and then used one of Conner’s old undershirts to wipe off what I didn’t want shown. I started with the top since I knew most would be covered by my ‘stuff.’ I’m glad I did because I ended up having to go back over the top with a light coat of the teal to cover up the glaze that I didn’t wipe off quickly enough. It ended up looking dirty but a light coat of teal made it all better again!

Here is a close-up of one of the doors. The hardware was what I had on it before and I still like it so this project was very cheap and extremely quick. I wouldn’t say it was too easy, just a process of trial and error. The end result would be different for each person, depending on how much ‘distress’ you want shown. The cracks and crevices were the easiest because I knew I wanted the most black in those areas. The front of the doors and the sides of the piece were the hardest since I wanted some distressing, but mostly teal, to show.

Here is another view, with the front door on the right. The silver lamp was actually from one of the houses Conner rented in college. The owner left it there and the boys he lived with didn’t want it. I took the brassy piece of ugliness and spray painted it silver! I bought a new white shade and a prettier lamp was born.

The “Steen” sign was a wedding present from one of my pledge sisters and the boot picture was a free online OSU purchase with a coupon I received. I purchased the orange tray and candles from Pottery Barn with a gift card I had last year. The candles have some pretty cool texture on them and are perfect for the fall! I purchased the fall filler in the tray from Target and the clear glass vase and the mirror are both half price specials from Hobby Lobby.

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