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Bunny Cake

This year I made my bunny cake for Easter. This could be called my second annual bunny cake. I purchased the pan three years ago but have made it the past two years. I wanted a fun tradition and this is it! I have started to take notes of changes I should remember for next year since I only make it once a year and forget the tricks I think of from the last year.
Last year the cake was a little dry. Whoops! I baked it for too long and only dusted it with powered sugar. (One of the options on the recipe attached to the pan.) This year, I baked it a little less and made sure I decorated it with the homemade buttercream frosting all over the outside. It is pretty fun for me to do this. It is the only cake and frosting I make that isn’t out of a box – everything is truly homemade!

This is last year’s powered sugar cake.

This is how the bunny cake looks post-mixer & pre-oven…

These are the two bunny halves cooling after the oven…

Decorating the cake after putting the two halves together with icing…

Tufting the fur onto the bunny using my mechanical pastry bag – LOVE wedding gifts. Mya was watching to make sure everything looked okay. 🙂

Side view one of the finished bunny! Note to self for next year: smaller tip on the pastry bag to look like real fur and put more icing between the two halves so they don’t pull apart.

Side view two…not his good side. 🙂 This one was very rushed because my hand started hurting. Note to self: smaller fur tufts so you can see the backside of the ears and don’t put as much pink icing on the inside of the ear so it won’t look sloppy.

His little backside…that fell off on the drive to Tulsa. Hah!

Overall, I am very pleased with this year’s bunny! It is no match for Bakerella, but maybe someday I will be on her level. 🙂 This was a new way to do the cake though, so every year I try something new it will be a learning year! Hope you all had some fun Easter treats as well.


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