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Bar Cabinet Update

Remember this post about needing help with our bar cabinet? Well, we’ve come a long way since then! The walls are painted, the moldings are freshly white and the cabinet itself has gotten some paint and a fun update inside! We still need pulls (those have been ordered) but everything else is finished and it looks great! So much better and brighter for this small space. I’ll do a full recap post once the pulls are in but I wanted to show you something funny…

This was the first picture I took. I thought after my one photography class I was doing better so I started with this. Normally, I would have thought that this was fine and just done some editing on my computer. It was after work and the light was coming in weird from the windows, pretty hard to get good light since this is a hallway, so I had the overhead light on. But I remembered Emily’s recent photography post that said no lamps and no overhead lights in photos…so I kept trying settings to see if maybe my camera could do more work for me instead of the computer…

This was several attempts later. SO much better, right? I didn’t edit either of those photos, just resized them for the blog. Both photos were using the same ISO and f-stop but for this photo, I lowered the shutter speed way down so more natural light would come in. Crazy, right? I turned off all of the lights so this was just from the sunlight coming in from the window in the next room. Obviously there are bad shadows, etc but it is a huge improvement over the first photo!

If you’re a serious photographer you probably think I’m still missing some things besides just the shadows, which I know I am, but I think I’m coming along. I’m taking a photography course at our church for the next several months so I’m excited to learn even more and make my photos even better. I don’t like seeing bad photos on other people’s sites so why would I do that to myself?

Here’s one quick little (unedited photo) peek inside the cabinet – new paint and fabric lined back walls! We love it. Conner did the painting and I did the fabric in the only way I know how – at 9 p.m. the night before people were coming over. Procrastination at its finest!

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Learning my camera

20120714-083039.jpgI’m so excited! This week, I took a class on the basics of photography/learning your camera. I was finally able to switch from auto mode to manual mode! Now I just have to remember everything I learned to make the best pics possible.

We’re getting so much closer to have a finished dining room…good thing I figured my camera out just in time to take some really great pics of the room!

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Guess what I got…

…and what I have NO CLUE how to use?!

That’s right! Mama got herself a brand new toy. I went with the mid-range, mid-level Nikon D3100. I’m not trying to be a professional, I just want really nice photos! I researched this a ton and it was very similar to the Nikon D5100, only the package price on this one (with coupons and discounts I had) was $700 less than the 5100. Um, yes please. I got an extra lens, a carrying case, a memory card and 2 year warranty for a heck of a price.

Now…I just need to figure out how this thing works! If you have any helpful tips or guides, please share with your friend Laura. I’m ready to play with this bad boy! I’m abusing Google, YouTube and Pinterest for how-tos and directions since the Nikon manual only shows me the basics…like turning it on. 🙂

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