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I wanted to do something festive inside the house to celebrate the 4th of July but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money or time to decorate. I saw a picture on Pinterest that used navy and burlap as the base of the tablescape so I tried to imitate it for very little money in a very little amount of time. Here is the tale of my no-sew, DIY 4th of July tablecloth.

(sorry again, all pics courtesy of my very old iPhone)

To start, you’ll need several yards of navy fabric and light burlap fabric. The tablecloth size I wanted was 108″ x 60″ so I got 1 2/3 yard of burlap and 3 yards of navy fabric. Figuring this out with the lady at Hobby Lobby was a real treat! I had a very rough drawing of what I wanted the finish product to look like and we went back and forth for a while to figure out how much I needed.

The navy fabric was just wide enough so I didn’t have to put two pieces together – the whole thing laid nicely over the table. The only problem was the unfinished edge so I took my hot glue gun and folded the edge in and glued it all of the way around the fabric. Is this a permanent and super fancy way to ‘finish’ the tablecloth? Nope! But it was the cheap, fast and easy solution I was looking for. I don’t sew, so this was the perfect shortcut.

Next, I took my burlap and cut the piece of fabric in half, lengthwise. The length was perfect so I just needed to separate it into two long pieces. I liked the unfinished and raw edge so I left it as-is.

I laid it across the table and ended up folding it in half again because it was too wide for our table. This was a messy part – I ended up using a lint roller to get off the little burlap leftovers that were on the tablecloth. I love using this material, but prepared to get messy!

I used our red chargers we have from Christmas and then layered our china on top of that. So far, so good! It gives me the perfect amount of red, white and blue without being ‘too much.’ I love using texture in the house to add character without a lot of color so the burlap runners worked out really well!

I am working on a very quick and cheap DIY centerpiece so come back tomorrow and I’ll show you how I made it and the finished 4th of July tablescape!

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The funny thing about fall in Oklahoma is that it sneaks up on you pretty quickly and then doesn’t hang around for long. Out of any season, fall is my favorite! The leaves are so gorgeous, jeans and a t-shirt with a cardigan are the norm for everyday attire, college football is on all of the time and the smell in the air is fabulous. Because it moves in and out so quickly, I sometimes forget to appreciate it while it is here. Not this year! I’m trying to soak it all in and enjoy all of the moments in 2010.

Start with this tree – GORG!! The neon trees are my absolute favorite. The neon red, neon orange and neon yellow ones look so cool. I love walking through fallen leaves and hearing the crunch, but I get so sad when ones like this lose their pretty leaves. We live in an awesome part of town with tons of trees like this so I’m trying to soak it in and not take it for granted before the limbs are bare and the cold wind hurts my eyes.

A first for this year is a fun, fall table! Of course this time of year is perfect for an OSU grad. Orange is everywhere! Since we have a dining room for the first time and a dining room table, I love that I get to set it and do a proper ‘tablescape.’ I’ve had this out for a while but enjoy looking at it every day. (Yup, that’s my picture helper Carl in the bottom left)

We haven’t done much to this room so a fun table makes it all better and enjoyable! My godmother always has a table set for every season and I love that image when you go to her house. It looks welcoming, like she’s just ready for you to come and eat dinner with her! I decided to adopt this philosophy and will always have a table set, ready for you to come eat dinner with me!

I also love having a table set at all times so I can show off our china! I picked out this china when I was 11 years old. True story. I was with my mom in Dillard’s, getting a present for a wedding shower she was attending. I saw this pattern and instantly fell in love. Fast forward 14 years and Dillard’s still carries it! Vera Wang’s “Grosgrain.” LOVE. I am still working on getting all of the place settings and stemware but I have enough to set this table so I am one happy woman! In the future, I think I’ll play around with fun accent plates to mix in, but I am too excited to not show off any of our china for now.

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