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I love, love, love opening the mail during December! Christmas cards have to be one of the best pieces of mail you can ever receive! I get frustrated though because we have never had a place to display everyone’s hard work and pretty pictures so after seeing an idea in this month’s Martha Stewart Living, I decided to try my hand at my own Christmas card holder.

To start this project, you’ll need a sewing/knitting circle loom thing (yes, that is the technical term), clothespins, ribbon and a glue gun. I chose to add glitter because I like things that sparkle and shine. Wow, that just sounded so blonde! Moving on…
It also helps if you have a cute little guy like Carl to help you sniff each item and make sure it is okay to use. Martha used mini clothespins but I wanted more weight and a bigger wall hanging so I used the regular sized clothespins.
To start, wrap your ribbon around the circle so you already have the hanging spot marked. Then, glue gun the clothespins around the entire circle. I did some on the front and some on the back. Martha (I say Martha…we all know its her staff, right? Right?) recommended just doing them on the front and alternating putting them out and in. I wanted to make sure we had plenty of space and plenty of clips, so I used the front and back of the circle.
Once those were glued and dried, I laid out the newspaper and went to town with the glue and Martha Stewart glitter from Michael’s. Everyone says this is the best glitter ever because it doesn’t get everywhere and is easy to work with…they are so right! It is super fine and hasn’t gotten all over the furniture this is hanging above. Love it!
Here is the finished project! I love it! It is exactly what I wanted and has just enough sparkle and shine to add to the kitchen. I’m glad I went with the clips on the front and back. The back ones face in to the circle and the front ones face outside the circle. We have plenty of room for more cards – can’t wait to see yours!

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So you know those super cute Christmas ornament trees you always see? The ones with regular and mini sized ornaments? Yeah, I have too and I had the brilliant idea that I could make one! And that assumption would be absolutely wrong. Let me take you on a little journey of a Christmas craft FAIL.

Since I waited until two weeks before Christmas to attempt this project, all major stores (Target, Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby, Dollar Tree & Michael’s) were out of the mini ornaments. I did pick up the Styrofoam cone from Dollar Tree, which made me very happy! Since I couldn’t find the mini ornaments, I thought I could use this silver garland instead and make a great substitute. About two seconds in, I realized this was going nowhere and it looked terrible! On to the next idea…

I went back to Michael’s (and sort of hoped the mini ornaments would pop out at me) and got these red jingle bells of all sorts of shapes and sizes instead. I thought this would be such a cute little alternative! The packages had mini, regular and large jingle bells. Perfect! I could start with the biggest and work my way up to the tiny ones.

Ummm…no. There were gaps and holes all over the place and then I thought I had enough room but didn’t have enough room at the top for more and then I tried to put a bow on it but it made it look worse. Serious, serious fail! I was so frustrated and mad by this point. I had put the bells all the way up to the top and then proceeded to rip them all out (which left huge dents in the Styrofoam since I had pushed these in as hard as I could) and just say, well…its actually not blog-land appropriate what I said but lets just say it was a word and my dog ran away because he thought he was in trouble!

Once I ripped off the bells and was left with a bumpy and uneven cone, I threw the torn off bells (note the pieces of hot glue and Styrofoam in the crevices) into a mason jar with some faux snow and called it good. What else can you do?

So, since it had worked time and time again, I got out the jute twine and wrapped it around the form to make a natural, jute Christmas tree. I’ve seen this on several other blogs and thought it was cute plus I already had the twine and it took like five minutes to wrap this around the small form.

It isn’t all blinged-out like I wanted but it works and I think balances out the shiny and glittery little bird on this Hobby Lobby tray on our ottoman. I kept one bell on top just so people would know it is a Christmas tree and not some cone with jute twine on it for no reason. Or at least I hope they will know.

So that is my tale of my two day, Christmas craft fail. At least it was salvageable, right? I hate not being perfect.

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Hello and welcome to another Holiday Home Linky Party! This time, Kate over at Centsational Girl is hosting a Christmas craft party. I have already seen several crafts people made for the party and I am overwhelmed with inspiration and serious jealousy!

I knew that once I did a mason jar candle this fall, I was hooked on this simple and classic design. I am so happy that Melissa posted her Christmas version and that is was just as easy and cheap as my fall version! Thank goodness for Twitter and the many times it gives me wonderful ideas for my house.

The steps are pretty simple. Take a mason jar and then wrap jute twine around the top of it. This was very similar to the candle holders I did for our fall mantel and the jute twine I used was leftover from this project!

Melissa strung the jingle bells through the twine as she wrapped but I took a small piece of the jute and hot glued the bell on top of the finished project. I still have plans to take another full piece of the jute twine and wrap it on top of the glued pieces to make it look more polished…it just seemed easier to do it the ‘piece and glue’ way as I could place the bells easier.

Here are the three jars I did! Once you string the jute and jingle bells, fill with faux snow and a tea light candle or LED candle. They are sitting on the window pass through between our living room and kitchen. I absolutely love them and am very pleased with the result. It was a super quick and easy craft! Thanks for the idea and how-to, Melissa!

Coming up in the next two weeks, my Christmas craftiness continues. I’m not sure what it is about this season, but I have a million project ideas in my head and zero time to get them done! Still, I’m going to attempt to make: two cinnamon-scented pinecone wreaths for our living room windows, a Pottery Barn knock-off NOEL wall art, a magnolia leaf wreath, a Christmas ornament tree, a glittery Christmas card holder and a centerpiece for our dining room table that was inspired by (again) Pottery Barn!

Thanks for visiting! I hope you enjoyed this project and go back over to Kate’s website to get even more crafty inspiration. See you on Thursday for Sarah’s Christmas Tree party!

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