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Hey there and welcome back to another installment of, ‘what does your house look like at Christmas?’ Today is all about the mantel, which is the focal point of our living room and my favorite renovation we have done so far!

Keeping with the look of our Christmas dining room table, I used green, white, silver and natural elements. Can I be 100% honest with you? I LOVE IT! This is my most favorite mantelscape or mantel look or whatever you want to call it that I’ve done so far. It is full but still clean and simple and so, so pretty!

The 52″ TV above our thick and chunky mantel is my husband’s pride and joy. He loves telling the story of us winning the money to pay for this while playing roulette (always betting on Cowboy Black – Go Pokes!) in the Bahamas on our honeymoon. The only time of the year I’m allowed to put anything tall on the mantel is at Christmas and I take full advantage of it. I got these silver reindeer at Pottery Barn three years ago on clearance and they are the perfect little/large guys to flank our TV.

The silver JOY stocking holders I got in college from Hobby Lobby. It was my first-ever, grown-up Christmas purchase and I love still using them. The three stockings were a little splurge from Hobby Lobby when we bought our first house. Even though we have two dogs now, I still just use the three stockings…I think they can share one. 🙂

It was so cold while I was taking these pictures, I put a fire on. It is tough business, let me tell you. Totally kidding – I flip a switch and put a lighter by the gas outlet. One of the million reasons I love this house is this fireplace. Nothing is better during this time of year than a large fire and a cuddly blanket! I am very careful about fire dangers so the pillows got moved out a little and the stockings were put to the side…not really interested in seeing those go up in flames!

To add some natural and texture to the top of the mantel, I tore strips of burlap up and tied it around the tip of the stocking holder. I can’t tie a perfect bow but I like the little extra ‘something-something’ it gives this area and helps bring up the burlap from the Mr. and Mrs. pillows on the hearth.

The little mercury votives are more of what is on our dining room table. $1/each…not too shabby! The Dollar Tree LED votives inside are my favorite candle item as well. So easy and no worries about wax dripping, etc.

The tall mercury bud vase was an after-Christmas purchase from Pottery Barn last year. I only got 2 and am kicking myself for not getting more when they were so cheap! Of course that always happens, right?

The white Nutcrackers on the mantel are a new addition this year and are so stinking cute! I saw these in the West Elm catalog for $26/each…not interested, but thanks! My mom and I were at Hobby Lobby the day after Thanksgiving and I saw a pack of six natural colored nutcrackers for $7. They were running the 50% off special so I got all six for $3.50. Now we’re talking! After using several coats of white spray paint, these bad boys are almost identical to the $26/each ones. No offense, West Elm.

When we picked up our live tree this year (I’ll show you the full tree in another post), we put it in the living room and I’m so glad we did – I love seeing the lights from the tree reflect onto the mantel! For the first time, I got real greenery to put on the mantel and love it. I got a 7′ cedar garland from my local garden center and it smells amazing! It is so full and thick, I’m glad I went with this instead of using my old, lighted garland. Here’s hoping me sprizting it with water every day helps it last and doesn’t dry out before Christmas!

Here’s one last look at this year’s mantel, my favorite so far! (I’m getting my new camera very soon…after looking at this picture, I am even more anxious to get one and start taking much better pictures. Can I get an “Amen!”)

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you’re enjoying the season and enjoying decorating your spaces. I’ll be stopping by soon to see your special mantels, too!

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Yes, Christmas is finally here! Well…the Christmas decorating season at least. Today I am participating in my first-ever linky party! So, if you are visiting from Layla’s Holiday Home Linky Party featuring mantels, welcome! I hope you like what I have done and I am excited to see what you have done too!

I stick with the fairly traditional themes during Christmas. I don’t mind getting a little crazy (I’m working on two trees this year – our fake one will be an OSU theme) but mostly, I stick with the traditional side. Since this is the first time we’re in our new house for the holidays, I’m having fun putting up what we already have and trying to make it look new and fun again. (Read: driving myself crazy with what to do with our current decorations and what I could be making bigger & better without spending a whole lot of cash.)

Our stocking holders were a half-off Hobby Lobby purchase several years ago. I got ‘JOY’ because at the time it was Conner, Max and myself. Since then, I had purchased two flat stocking holders and two more stockings when we got Mya and Carl. Since Mya is no longer with us, I didn’t know how to put up four stockings without buying all new holders so this year it is one for me, one for Conner and one for the two dogs. I think they’ll understand…

The greenery garland was another half-off purchase from Hobby Lobby several years ago. Despite getting thrown into a tub at the end of each season and then fluffed and puffed for its life at the beginning of Christmas, it is looking pretty good! I wanted something fuller though and since we had the mantel built extra deep just for this season (so happy we made that decision!), I knew I had room to layer on. I think I’m starting to adopt that philosophy with decorating: “Oh, it doesn’t look right? Just add more!!” The ‘less is more’ approach is definitely lost on me during December.

I mixed and weaved in a berry garland I already had (I believe from Target during an after-Christmas sale) and then layered snow-tipped pinecones and silver ornaments that were rolling around in the bottom of one of my Christmas tubs. I took several glass votive jars from my craft closet and sprayed them with the mirror spray paint Design Sponge featured recently. I know they need another coat but the wind this weekend was brutal!

The reindeer on either side of the TV came from an after-Christmas sale at Pottery Barn two years ago. I was thrilled to get them! I had wanted the big, bigger and biggest ones for several years and these guys are perfect. I’m actually surprised I was given the ‘okay’ to put them on the sides of the TV. Heaven forbid we block any part of the 52 inches!

This is the full view, with bookcases. Now that I’ve put this up I realize I still need to get two red or green candles for the bottom candle holders…whoopsies! Oh well…we’re keeping it real, right? I’m not ever completely satisfied with how the bookshelves are decorated, so I’m sure those will continue to change, even day-to-day…it just depends on how work went that day!

If you would like to see what the fireplace looked like when we first moved in this summer, and what we did to change it, check out the post here: Fireplace Before & After.

Thanks for reading and stopping by! I hope to see your mantel over at The Lettered Cottage! I also hope to see you (and your holiday vignette) at Southern Hospitality on Thursday!

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