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Yesterday was a pretty bad day. It had very little to do with seeing OSU’s chance of playing in the National Championship go out the window after losing to Iowa State last night. It had everything to do with getting the news in the morning that once again, we lost members of our orange family to a plane crash. (For the story, please click HERE)

I saw this on Pinterest today and it perfectly explains my love of everything orange. (As does this amazing article HERE) Heaven’s orange got a lot brighter Thursday night. Coach Budke, one of the people on the plane, had an amazing orange blazer he wore. It confirms to me that I need to get the orange velvet blazer from J. Crew and help keep his tradition going!

I hope you feel the same way about your school that I feel about mine – I love my alma mater and am so proud to be a member of this very large, extended family. The way everyone has pulled together is incredible and inspiring during this very sad time. Please hug your families and say a prayer for the families of the four people who died yesterday!

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We are smack dab in the middle of one of my favorite times of the year – college football/tailgating season! I love the energy and excitement that college football brings and love even more the amazing food that people serve at tailgates – hah! The best part of tailgating food is the selection – appetizers are my favorite and it has to be the best food group. Pinterest is making it so easy to collect really great recipes, so here are my current favorites and all are ones that I can’t wait to try this football season!

Pepperoni Pizza Bites. Who doesn’t love pizza and even better, who doesn’t love it in bite-size form? I would love to try and add some ingredients to these – maybe supreme pizza bites?

Loaded baked potato dip. Loaded french fries are the biggest and best guilty pleasure. Getting this in a dip form has to be heaven on Earth!

Grilled bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers with vintage cheddar. Conner and I have made poppers before but I am intrigued by the fancy cheese aspect to this recipe. I love cheese and can’t wait to see if the nicer cheese makes this food even better!

Ham and cheese bites. Another favorite – ham and cheese, but now in tiny little bite size with a delicious looking dipping sauce!

Mini corn dogs. You had me at hello. College football and the fair go hand in hand. The fair automatically screams corn dog and now you can enjoy them at home, without the hassle of biting them off of the stick!

Cold, creamy Parmesan spinach dip. I love spinach and artichoke dips and this one is supposed to be healthy. I’m always skeptical about how healthy foods like this really are but I am willing to take one for the team and try this out. I like a nice cold appetizer option as well, the pressure of keeping everything warm is overwhelming!

Have you tried any of these? If you have, leave a comment and let me know your favorite(s)!

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Today, I’m currently coveting this unbelievable orange, velvet blazer from J. Crew. I love it!!

We are one week away from the start of college football and this jacket is just calling to me, ready to wear to Stillwater for a fabulous game of football! Although the way Oklahoma weather works, it would be perfect to wear for two weeks and then the rest of the time it would be too hot or too cold. But those two weeks would be perfection in this amazing and over-the-top jacket!

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