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Right now I’m currently coveting a piece of furniture that doesn’t exist close to my ‘hood or in my price range.

Nightstand HelpNow that I’m finished with my mirrored nightstand, I’m looking for a piece of furniture to makeover for Conner’s side of the bed. The massive problem? There is an air vent on the floor of his side of the bed. So any regular nightstand won’t work since it needs to sit up above the floor and not block this vent. Do you have any leads? Have you seen anything like this piece of furniture for less than $50 and is around 40″ wide and 29″ tall? I don’t want to pay a lot since I will be making it over. I would greatly appreciate your help!

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Today, I’m currently coveting a new side table. I’m itching for new couches and with new couches comes new accessories like side tables!

This one from I.O. Metro fits perfectly. I love the aluminum and the shape and the price isn’t that bad either. ($199) My cheap side does wish it was under $100 but I love the height and base so I may have to get this for our house!

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Its been a while since I did one of these, but I’m back with a new Currently Coveting feature! This one is gorgeous and from one of my favorites, Wisteria.

This sunburst mirror is made out of camel bone and is so unique! I love it and love the shapes of the individual sun rays or bursts or whatever you want to call them. Love it all…just don’t like the price tag. At $749 this one is pretty pricey! Woof. Future DIY project?

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Well, I’m not coveting Greece anymore. With the economy the way it is and the constant riots, uproars and general issues the country is facing, the trip to Greece has been cancelled. So today? I’m coveting Maui, baby!

Specifically, I’m coveting the Four Seasons Resort in Maui!! I am so excited for this trip. I was disappointed to not see the beauty of a country like Greece but I’ve never been to Hawaii and this trip will be way more relaxing. Since we are staying at a five-star resort, this will also be a trip I wouldn’t have taken on my own.

I can’t wait to get a massage at a place like this…

And see a waterfall like this…

And relax all day in a pool like this (pretend that’s me leaning against the column! No? Okay…). This is going to be an awesome trip to get away and relax, relax, relax. My new camera will be perfect for taking pictures of the beautiful island and hopefully produce a really cool coffee table book when we get back. May can’t come quickly enough!

(All images from the Four Seasons website)

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Today, I’m currently coveting Greece!

Why am I coveting it? Because I’m going next May!!

Yes, that’s right. Conner and I are going to Greece for a week long trip next May and I couldn’t be more excited!

Conner’s company offers an opportunity each year for the employees to hit a certain mark within the company and if you hit that mark, you not only get a bonus and raise but a trip for two with the other contest winners!

This year’s contest trip is to Greece and is going to be absolutely amazing. I am the luckiest wife ever – who else gets a free trip to a gorgeous destination like this?!

All of these images are pinned on my Pinterest board as I kept getting more and more excited the closer he got so I kept pinning more images of the beautiful country. I have been hoping all year that Conner would make contest and he did – I am the proudest wife ever!! Love you, boo!

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Today, I’m currently coveting black jeans!

I try to adhere to the ‘no white after Labor Day’ rule by not wearing my white jeans after Labor Day. Sad for me because I love them! Time to move on though to better and cozier things – like these black jeans. I’m ready to pair them with some boots and a cozy cardigan – bring on fall!!

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Today, I’m currently coveting the start of college football! It officially kicked off last night, but really it doesn’t start for me until OSU kicks-off.

I’m ready to tailgate with something like this…

Watch the game from this place (we got free tickets to the suites!)…

And wear something cute like this. (well, maybe in a couple of weeks)

Let the fun begin! Go Pokes!

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