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I have a serious obsession to trays. Decorative or functional, it doesn’t really matter – they all work for me. I really, really love the beautiful, expensive ones that are more like art than a useable object but those usually aren’t in my price range. Picking one up from TJ Maxx or Target is way more my style!

This is one from Target and is my new fave! I love the orange (of course) and the wood on the outside is perfect for fall. It also looks really great on our entryway buffet.

This tray is more functional but still pretty! It is from a restaurant supply store and has come in handy for our spray painted bar cart. I like being able to cluster items like this together and still have it look good, simply because they’re on a tray.

This is a melamine one, again from Target, and was used for serving food at a party but is now a nice added color to our bar cabinet in the kitchen. I really like how it looks under the cork mirror and next to the navy chevron lamp.

This pretty is going to look so good on our ottoman when it gets a makeover! I can’t wait to see the blue against the grey stripes of that fabric.

This tray is from Ross and was quite a find for $6.99! It sits on the table behind our sofa. I love the natural texture to it but this area has never looked quite ‘right’ to me. I think the table may need a makeover but at least Memaw’s stool is looking good!

This tray has been in many spots in our house but is currently in our bedroom. I like that it doesn’t have a front or back so you can really see the beautiful books. Don’t mind the nightstand – there is a plan for it and I can’t wait to get it done!

Last, but not least, the tray I have had the longest. This used to be black and was the first decorative item I purchased after Conner and I got married. I love it so much more now that it is white with chevron fabric and holding some of my jewelry!

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So, the Olympics? They’re amazing and everything but they took up all of my attention and time! I would come home, make dinner and sit on the couch every day after work. The weekends were worse. If I had to leave, I would immediately come home to watch more people doing athletic things I can’t even dream about doing. I had big plans for some big projects to get done during the past two weeks but…Yeah.

So now it is time to get those creative juices flowing again (isn’t this a great picture? Thanks, Pinterest) and work on some projects at home! I have several in the works and several more started in my head.

To get back in the groove of things, I started small with this tray for my small jewelry and accessory pieces. I wish I had a large dressing room that had room for something like this but I don’t. Luckily our bathroom counter is very large so there was plenty of room for a pretty tray that got even prettier with a few updates. The tray used to be black and was a very old Target purchase. I spray painted it white and cut a piece of navy chevron fabric (the same I used for the DIY lampshade in the kitchen) to bring some pattern and color to the bottom of the tray.

The two bottles I use to hold my bracelets are the same ones I used for our 4th of July tablescape last year. Yup, they are just beer bottles spray painted white. White and spray paint can make anything pretty! The ‘S’ plate was a Christmas gift and is a wonderful John Derian plate. It is perfect for my stud earrings and extra rings. (The rest of my earrings are hanging on my DIY window earring hanger in our closet) The yellow pillar candle holder was a clearance purchase at Pottery Barn several years ago and adds a nice splash of color to this arrangement.

This was the best kind of project to start with because it cost me $0 and took about 15 minutes of arranging, re-arranging and shopping the house. You can’t beat that! Have you done any fun ‘fluffing’ projects lately?

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Have any of you ever had ivy growing around your house? You have to be careful because it can grow faster than you expect and find itself in odd places.

Just like this. On top of the kitchen cabinets? Absolutely not. Lets all get real right now. Fake ivy has got to GO! Nothing like that grows on top of your kitchen cabinets so why use it to decorate? It is just sitting up there, collecting dust in the one of the places that should be the cleanest!

Please make a pact with me that if you are currently committing this major faux pas, you will take care of it immediately. There are so many better options! If a ‘professional’ designer tells you to use it, ask to see their certification immediately!

Look at how great Sarah’s kitchen looks! She is using accessories and getting creative with what she is putting up top. This can be challenging for some but no matter what, don’t feel pressured and revert back to the 90’s kitchens! Use what you have, I bet you have more than you think, and check your local thrift stores for cheap and great items that can be cleaned up and transformed with spray paint!

I have also seen a ton of fake flowers and ivy used for decorating shelves and bookcases. Please don’t. Just, please don’t. Flowers don’t grow away from light and ivy certainly doesn’t grow in this area either. Look at how cool these bookshelves are using, wait for it, books!

Start collecting items from around your house that need a change of scenery or are sitting in closets. I bet you have more accessories than you think and can create much more creative vignettes than just slapping up a string of fake and expensive ivy! Look around, grab some books and go to town in a fresh and so-2011 way!

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