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Design Star

I’m a little behind this year and am finally starting to watch Design Star, season 7, on HGTV. I know everyone loves the white room challenge but my favorite is seeing how they decorate the house they will live in on the first episode. Some of the rooms this year were amazing and perfect. There were a couple of duds though and it always surprises me when that happens – aren’t you supposed to be a fantastic designer? I’m going to blame it on stage fright.

This room is so pretty and so elegant! Love the white couches and the large furniture to make the room feel more cozy.

That white molding nailed into a cool pattern on the wall is gorgeous! Love the blue underneath it and the covered ottoman. I’ve seen a lot of the faux canopy action but it is not my thing. I really like everything else in the room though!

I love one side of this room and hate the other! The glossy white moose head on the black background is awesome but I am so anti-little TVs. I grew up with a ton of televisions in our house and one this size would have been for the breakfast nook, not the living room!

This is supposed to be the creative studio. There is no way I could be creative in this room – what…a nightmare!

This room was my favorite! Blue and white with pops of yellow plus the chevron – yes, please.

All pictures are from the show’s page on the HGTV website.

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So the beginning of 2011 always means new catalogs and I found a new one I love! The prices are not really me but I love the design that they feature. I’m not sure how I got on Wisteria‘s mailing list but I’m glad I did – I like their stuff! Here are some of my favorites in their latest catalog.

These are their glass fishing floats. I remember seeing something similar on The Nate Berkus show recently and love them! They are gorgeous with their shape, texture and color. Supposedly these are hard to find now that fishermen use the plastic kind. Too bad – the glass ones are gorgeous!

I love this one and want it for our front door! We are now mat-less in the front thanks to the Christmas clean-up. This would be a perfect replacement! It looks thick and would hopefully hold up to the any potential rain or hail storms that might grace us like they did in 2010.

The color, shape and pattern on this sofa make it a huge win! I don’t know if I am all that crazy about the ‘bridal rug’ that is the front trim, but I absolutely love the rest of it! I think I like this fabric for our bedroom too…hmmm….

This stainless steel ottoman/side table is a very cool accent piece for any room. No matter which way you place it, the angles and design are fantastic!

And, of course, the orange piece for last. 🙂 These stools come in 5 colors and are so fun! They would be a great addition to any kitchen, especially for that perfect ‘pop’ of color. We might need to add some extra overhang when we get new countertops, just for these stools!

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I love these three women on HGTV! These shows keep me entertained if I’m home on Saturday night (or on Sunday afternoons on the DVR if I’ve been out).

Sarah always does great work taking an older home, completely gutting it and making it her own. The fabric choices always work perfectly with everything else and she really knows how to pull a ton of patterns together to make it work without being ‘too much.’ I love it!

Genevieve has two shows on right now: Dear Genevieve and Battle on the Block. Have you seen BOTB? Hysterical! These couples put themselves through agony to compete against neighbors and re-do a room in their house in only three days and the fights that ensue…oh boy. It is so typical and expected but you still feel so badly for them because you have (well, at least I have) been in their shoes before…working on the house with your spouse and getting angry over very little and petty issues because you are so stressed and tired. Wow, you have to check this one out! It won’t make you want to do a project with your significant other ever again unless Genevieve shows up and offers to pay for everything and give you $10K if you win. Hah!

Candice Olson’s style is something that I wish mine would resemble. Casual elegance in its finest – it is definitely her specialty! She really does cool and neutral very well and it always feels very comfy and casual but at the same is elegant and formal – things that usually don’t go together but she makes it work! I hope I can do the same.

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