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Coffee Table Books

I love coffee table books. They usually have amazing photographs and are a great decorative addition around the house. I found a new one this past week and I’ve been drooling over the photos online!

It is called “Dogs,” by Tim Flach. The book is filled with photos of all types of dogs and information about the breeds.
This is one is hysterical! I was so confused when I saw the picture on the left but it all makes sense with the picture on the right.

Love this one! Although I’m not a huge poodle fan, I have heard they are super smart and hypo-allergenic so they make great family pets.

This book makes me want to learn to take professional photographs and make a book about my dogs. “Max & Carl: Adventures in the ‘burbs” or something like that. It would just be a bunch of pictures of them chasing squirrels and sleeping, but it’s what they do best!

Click here to visit Tim Flach’s website.

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