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I love The Nester! I think she has such great ideas for her home and for life in general. When I saw she made this and that the supplies were from the Dollar Tree, I just had to do it! For her instructions and her finished wreath, check it out here: Making a coffee filter wreath.

Here are the supplies you’ll need: Wreath Form (Dollar Tree, $1), Coffee Filters (Dollar Tree, $1…I used one full package and about 20 out of a second package so I guess this was actually $1 and some change since there are 160 filters in one package and I’m not doing the math of how much each filter really costs) and a glue gun!

Start by folding the coffee filter in half and then in half again. I took the pointy end of each filter and would place them on the glue on the wreath. As I got going, my technique changed up a little. I was starting by doing each row, front to back but then I started doing whatever was in my sight and filling in holes later. I also started pushing down the bottom of the folded filter so that it wasn’t so pointy on the bottom.

I tried everything I could think of to prop this up while gluing. I found that letting my legs hold it while gluing worked the best. I think by this point, I had thought at least 30 times: “What in the world was I thinking when I started this?” It was getting tedious but I was determined to keep going. As more of the filters were glued on, it actually started to go faster. (Praise the Lord!) My total project time (keep in mind I kept getting distracted by the TV and a glass of wine) was about two hours.

This is what it looked like once I filled the whole wreath form. It was cool but kind of thin and puny. I hung it up by some ribbon so I could use both hands and started filling in the gaps and on the insides so you wouldn’t see the tips of the folded filters. I tried to get my husband to hold it for me while I did this step but that lasted about 2 minutes so I was forced to think of another way to hold it up…enter the ribbon!

Here is the finished product! I love how fluffy and full it is! Right now, I have orange ribbon on it for a baby shower I’m co-hosting but I will change it out for red or green ribbon once the baby shower is finished. Now the challenge – where to hang it?

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I have always wanted several of these to put in the bathrooms in our house…but I didn’t want to pay the Pottery Barn price of $39-$69. Luckily, I saw this idea on Twitter one day and just had to try it! You can check out the original posting here: Dollar Tree Crafts. I am quickly becoming addicted to the Dollar Tree and everything it has to offer when you take an item usually used for one purpose but instead glue it, turn it upside down or paint it to make it do something else!

These are the supplies I started with: Dollar Tree large vase ($1), Dollar Tree candlestick ($1), Dollar Tree 3 pack of small bowls ($1), E-600 glue (Wal-Mart: $3), glass knobs (Wal-Mart, 2 for $6). I was going to get a glass knob at Hobby Lobby since they were half-off but the screws wouldn’t come out so I needed to start with ones that were flat. The lady who originally did this craft used these so I decided to copy exactly what she did and get these instead!

I started by washing all of the glass items…even though the 3 pack of bowls were wrapped up, they were filthy so I’m glad I started by washing it all. After the items were dry, I turned the vase upside-down and glued the candlestick to the bottom of the vase.

While I was waiting for that to dry, I turned one of the small bowls upside down and glued one of the glass knobs on to it. I let both sets of glued items dry while I went back to watching football. I let them sit without messing with them (I am very inpatient so this was a hard step) for about 20 minutes, just to make sure the glue had cured and nothing would fall apart.

Here is the finished product! Not that much different than the PB version! Now that I have the DT jar with the Target jars I originally had, I think I need to make a second apothecary jar with the short vase and get rid of the smallest jar in the picture so the grouping looks more consistent…hmmm…maybe I’ll be back with another picture of this area in my bathroom… 🙂

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