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Today, I am currently coveting this dress from Anthropologie.

I love everything about it, including the pattern, shape and v-neck scoop! It is gorgeous and has just enough drape with just enough dressy to be perfect for any event this summer. I think I’ve found this year’s birthday dress! (Yes, I know. My birthday is June 18 but it is never too early to plan!)

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Renew with BHLDN

Is three years of marriage too early to renew your vows? Because I want to have another ceremony and wear everything from BHLDN! (Beholden, without the vowels) This is the newest concept from Anthropologie and I am in L.O.V.E.!

I want to wear this gown and have another huge party with my closest family and friends! I love these pleats and the way they fall on the body. I also love this color for a second wedding/renewal ceremony. See?! It is fate.

Aside from the gorgeous clothes and jewelry, I love the images and photographs shown throughout the website. Every picture is a piece of art!

I think this dress would be perfection on a mother of the bride! I am not a huge fan of the one-shoulder dress, but I love the way this looks and the way the seams lay on the body would be super flattering for those millions of photos!

I am very excited to see what BHLDN does and also if I get to see any of these pretties in person! Check out the website for yourself, here.

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My kind of art

These are so pretty!! I like the idea of wearing art instead of hanging it.

Fey Grove Dress:

Curled Zinnia Dress:

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