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Are you ready America? Because we are ready to party for you! I love the summer, especially the patriotism of it. If I was hosting a party to celebrate our nation, here are a few of the details I would include.

I would fill an apothecary jar with beans to make a cute display of red, white and blue in the simplest form.

I would drink patriotic sangria…

Out of adorable mason jars with red, white and blue striped straws! The twine bow is a very cute touch to these.

And finally I would enjoy some ice cream with fruit on it but probably not before it dripped all over my hand because it is already so stinking hot.

I hope you enjoy your holiday next week. Be safe and stay cool!

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I am so excited because I got the patio furniture I wanted for our anniversary!!

It was so nice to sit out here after work last week and relax, relax, relax! I know that we will enjoy this furniture for years to come.

I’ve been slowly accessorizing, mostly using items we had around the house. This basket was part of a wedding gift and I’ve held on to it, never knowing exactly what to use it for. It is perfect as a table-topper/large coaster!

I got the little metal buckets in the dollar aisle at Target and filled them with sand I already had, large shells I’ve had for several years and little votive candles. I wanted something beachy and quirky. It will be the perfect little accent of light for nighttime gatherings of friends!

Here is another shot of our furniture. We’re still on the hunt for a rug. Nothing we’ve found so far is quite right with the color of the cushions. They are more minty green then blue so we’re trying to find something to offset that. The brown striped pillows came with the set. I have plans to cover them soon in a grey outdoor fabric.

The lantern came from Target and I’m in love with it! Conner’s mom gave me several of the black lanterns for Christmas and those are sitting on our front porch. I wanted a lantern for the back but wanted something a little different. Target has these right now in several sizes and it was love at first size with this one!

The outside is a distressed wicker and the inside has black wire surrounding the glass candleholder. I wasn’t sure if I should have gotten the smaller one or the even bigger one, but I think this size is perfect!

I know we will enjoy this set for a very long time. The dogs are enjoying it too – they love having a place to stretch out when they’re tired of chasing squirrels! The tables have great under storage and I know will come in handy for holding all of our extra entertaining items when friends and family come to visit.

I can’t forget patio number 2! (photo altered in Instagram on my iPhone – I love this free app!) My parents got us the orange Adirondack chairs for our anniversary! I love them and they provide the perfect look for the back of the yard. It will be so nice to have large and comfortable chairs to sit in while enjoying the fire pit. I need to get some side tables and maybe two more pillows but I love how it looks so far! Thanks mom and dad!

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I love when people comment on the blog, especially when comments include helpful tips like reader Jael left me one day!

I posted a while back about my dreams for outdoor entertaining and included a picture of this Pottery Barn drink bucket that I wanted to include in my furniture arrangement. The only problem with this awesome drink station was the price. At $110 for the bucket and stand, it was out of the picture. That money could definitely be used for better purposes!

Sweet Jael saw the post and left a comment about this awesome bucket and stand from Dollar General! For only $14, you get the exact same look, plus a tray at the bottom for extra glasses! What a great find.

Once she left the comment, I of course had to go out and purchase this before Dollar General ran out. My DG had several left and I was thrilled! It took about five minutes to put together and is now waiting for our first party to fill with ice and tasty beverages. Thanks so much, Jael! I appreciate the heads-up and my bank account does too!

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