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We finally have one room completely, for real, not changing except for the decorations, finished in the house! It is the entryway, so it isn’t the largest or most exciting room, but it is finished and I love it!

Entryway UpdateThe dark picture on the left is what the entryway looked like on the day we got the keys to the house. That tile…I forgot how terrible it was! The ceiling was the same color as the walls and the moldings were ‘white.’

The much lighter and much happier picture on the right is what the room looks like today. The new wood floors and molding around the opening to the dining room definitely help but that light fixture brings it all up to date as well – isn’t it great?

Crate and Barrel Light FixtureThe Finley Small White Pendant is from Crate & Barrel and was a family affair to get it in our house. Conner’s parents gave it to me for Christmas and my dad installed it this past weekend – they both saved me a ton of money on buying this and having it installed! Even after the new paint on the ceiling, moldings and walls, this light fixture really made the entryway more modern and flow with the rest of the house much better.

Entryway After2The mirror on top of the painted buffet was a nice way to judge how low the pendant should hang. There was a ton of extra wire that we had to cut to make the light hang just right so we measured several times and hoped for the best once we hung the pendant. It worked out and is the perfect height for the room.

Entryway UpdateEach time we update a room, I’m always surprised by how little can make such a big impact. While the new wood floors are a definite plus, paint and a new light fixture were the biggest visual updates to this small area!

Now the floors in the dining room? They were a huge update and I will show you that before and after in the next couple of weeks.

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Our new rug is here, under the table and it is wonderful!! I am so happy with what we picked out and am so happy that we went with the size, texture, pattern and color we purchased. (and for all of you who have asked about it or just lurked and creeped around hoping to see this…sneak peak of the almost finished dining room ahead…)

And here she is! All 8′ x 10′ of her beautiful sisal in a perfect Malawi sand sitting in the almost finished dining room. I love how this breaks up the floor from the rest of the furniture. When we picked out the stain of the floor, I had no clue it was so close to our buffet and chairs. Now, this rug breaks it all up and adds a lighter color and contrast. 

To pick out the right size for our rug, we measured the dining room table plus chairs to see how big that area was. We added a little bit to behind each chair so when a chair was pulled out, you wouldn’t be sitting half on the rug and half on the hardwood. Getting a 5′ x 7′ rug would have hit right under each chair when they are tucked in so getting the 8′ x 10′ was a perfect fit! The room is a pretty good size, especially now that the wall is down, so it needs a  larger rug to ground it all.

I love, love, love the pattern on this rug. It is exactly what I wanted for this room – neutral, natural and casual but still so elegant! We went with the smallest size binding available with a color that almost matched the rug. I didn’t want something standing out or contrasting so we used a binding that would blend in and help keep the rug timeless. This rug is pretty heavy too, so we didn’t have to use a rug pad. I was thrilled with that – those ‘extras’ add up quickly!

The paint in this room (including trim, yay!) is all finished so now I’m working on the chair seat covers and a fun little project for those new frames hanging on the wall. I would say my goal is to get those both finished by tomorrow but we all know how my deadlines usually go…

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The floors are finished! The floors are finished! The floors are finished! Yes, I could run around our neighborhood screaming this at the top my lungs. I have been waiting for this project since we moved in and I am ecstatic, thrilled and in love with the results!

I’m really happy I have this blog to document our renovation. It is so much fun to look back and see what has been done to our house! Hopefully I’ve explained everything below and/or in the previous posts about our progress, but if you have any questions or need more details, please email me! I would be happy to share whatever I can.

This is where we started, only three short weeks ago. Surprise to you all – we left after we made some holes in this wall and covered everything with plastic to move in with my parents in Stillwater. That’s right, we commuted and carpooled for 2.5 weeks so we wouldn’t have to live through the mess of this project. Whew – I am very happy to have my freedom and own car back!

Seriously though, we are really lucky they had no problems letting us, plus the dogs, invade their space! What would we do without supportive parents? (This is why the posts on the floors have been random and sporadic – we didn’t see the progress every day so I only got to post when we came by after work to take pictures and see updates.)

This is a close-up of our beautiful new wood floors. Did you know that flooring could be so gorgeous? I had hoped, but didn’t really know, until these 3.25″ wide planks of oak were brought into my life. I loved just the raw wood stage but after being sanded and cleaned off, then stained with the color “Antique Brown” and given several coats of a satin, industrial-strength polyurethane, I love them even more. There is a nice sheen to the floors but they aren’t too glossy – just perfect!

Side note: I don’t know the brand our contractor used for the stain or polyurethane, but if you are interested, email me and I will find out for you!

I’ve always hated how the hallway and the side of the living room were constantly dark but now all we see is sweet, glorious light! Tons of morning light floods into the living room now, thanks to the removal of the dining room wall. I am obsessed! It makes the commuting, the dust and the dirt so worth it to see something this wonderful.

The floors are just stunning! I love that the wood is continuous from our front door all the way to the back door in the laundry room and back to our bedroom as well. The house seems 10x larger than before and looks just incredible. The removal of the wall and putting in these new floors did wonders for this space. Seriously, the pictures don’t do it justice. When we got back from Stillwater, we moved in to a new house!

This is a picture of our breakfast nook, the weekend we were packing it all up. This brick tile is the infamous McDonald’s tile and didn’t look good. It got really scratched up the moment we moved in and never looked nice. I wasn’t sad at all to lose any of this!

Now the floors are like butter (or, butt-ah) and look perfect in this space! The white cabinets pop off of the dark wood and look exactly how I’ve been picturing it from the beginning. The white baseboards just got put back on (I’ll have updated pictures of that very soon) and they are fabulous against the wood!

Fun new project – I’ve finally decided that since I don’t like the wall color in the kitchen, I’m repainting it all. Yup, that’s right. I haven’t ever been really happy with it, it has always been too yellow instead of soft tan that I was going for, so I decided that now was the time to get it done! Our floors are too great to have a not-so-great wall color. I’m crazy, its okay.

We have had some casualties during this process. Several areas and dings like these can be found on our cabinets and painted baseboards. Totally okay though, some paint will make it all like new again! I found out we used the wrong type of paint in this area (the shine is too flat and doesn’t clean easily, very annoying) so again, it is the perfect opportunity to clean this project up as well. Told you, I’m crazy!

Luckily you can’t see all of the dings and scratches from a distance and hopefully the pretty floors distract your gaze, so if you come over before I get it all repainted, don’t judge. We are not a perfect house so come in with a judgement-free attitude and just like my favorite quote from the movie, Bridesmaids, “be happy for me and then go home and talk about me behind my back like a normal person.” Hah!

This is what it used to look like when you came over for dinner at our house. You were trapped in the boring, beige room! Or, if you came over for a party you most likely missed this room and walked on by to the living room. Several people have told us they forgot we had a dining room because you don’t notice it when sitting in the living room or kitchen!

I love nice dining rooms and definitely want you to notice our room, so removing this wall makes it all so much better for everyone! You won’t be trapped or feel removed from the house when you come over for dinner. When we have parties, we can use this table as the food table and open up a ton of space in our kitchen. The possibilities are endless!

That sunlight in the top corner of the living room just gets me! This was taken at 8:45 a.m. and made me so giddy. I kept watching it get brighter and bigger and light up this room, so cool! We love natural light and like to keep lights off until it really gets dark so this new found light is perfect for us.

Wow – what a difference three weeks make! Here is the progress with links to the posts: 1)The original before. 2)The dining room wall was removed. 3)The floors came up and demo got really serious. 4)Plywood was laid to even out the floors and make them all level. 5)The raw wood went in. 6)The wood was sanded, stained and given two coats of polyurethane to create a beautiful floor.

The baseboards and casings on the wall openings are in and really make it all look more finished. A cleaning team is coming in (my first time to have someone else clean for me – SO excited!) and they are going to scour our house from top to bottom…then I can get to work painting! The casings, baseboards, dining room walls, dining room ceiling, hallways, moldings and hallway ceilings all have to be painted and I am ready to make it all look the way it looks in my head. It won’t be fun but the result will be!

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Thank You Gift

20120301-180101.jpgThe wood floors are finished and look amazing! Before I give you a full recap, I had to show what our wonderful floor guy did…this was our thank you gift from him! Flowers and the floor cleaning system he recommended we use. I love it! Best customer service, ever.

If you live in the OKC metro area and need any type of flooring work done, email me and I’ll give you his information. Love!

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Confession: I’m a little late in getting this post up. The fourth day of installation (and the last!) was actually Thursday. We’ve had a lot going on though so I’m finally here to tell you about our brand new wood floors that are installed and look amazing!

Here she is! I love that I can see the front door from the bedroom hallway and LOVE that the floors are all the same, beautiful material. This is just the raw wood, I can’t even imagine how I’ll feel once they have been sanded and stained.

Aren’t they pretty? I have a new love affair going on with oak. She is one gorgeous material!

This is a look at the floors coming out of our bedroom and that one in the middle with the dark grain? She’s my favorite board. (don’t tell the others, I’m sure I’ll like them too!) I love her lines and the dark contrast her grain has compared to the other, lighter grains.

Here’s another shot of the new dining room, sans wall, and the beautiful wood floors. (Sorry the photos are so dark, I wasn’t able to take these until after work.)

Like that shot of the living room? Yeah, it stresses me out but soon it will all be worth it, especially when I remember what it felt like to walk on the bumpy, uneven tile. This floor is smooth like silk and just as gorgeous!

One of the coolest features we added (besides taking down the wall and putting the actual floors in) are these floor vents. They are made out of wood as well and are completely level and flush with the rest of the floors! They will be stained the same color and hopefully will just disappear into the floor. I’m obsessed with these! Our floor guy suggested we put these in and they are worth every extra penny we paid.

Side note – if you are considering these wood vents, don’t look at the cost and just do it! You will be amazed at how custom and professional they make your floors look. Yes they are about 10x the cost of a basic, regular floor vent but it is completely worth that cost!

Here is where we were just two short (long) weeks ago! A wall was blocking the dining room from the rest of the house and we had real brick in the entryway/hallways, brick tile in the kitchen/laundry room and carpet in the dining room/2nd living room. It is so weird to see this picture and look at our house now. But really when I say weird, I mean really, really, really amazing!

Here is how the house looks now. Open, fresh and HUGE! The house looks so much bigger now with the consistency of the floors and an opening in this wall.

Another side note: I’ve had questions about this wall and why we didn’t get rid of the whole thing. For starters, we had to keep most of it for support. Secondly, there was already the opening from the entryway to the dining room so we wanted to keep some consistency there. The ceilings are about two feet lower in that room than in the hallways/living room so they would never be even. To us, it made sense to keep that room still feeling like a room, while open to the rest of the house, since the ceiling height differences would have looked really strange when open for all to see!

This is what we are currently referring to as the “sand storm.” The floors look absolutely incredible but it really shows you how blah the wall color is and how not white the wood trim and cabinets are!

With the old, red brick you couldn’t tell any difference but with these floors (pre-stain) it really shows how much of a change we need to make to the rest of this area. Of course, it doesn’t help that I started painting the guest bedroom trim and that door is stark white so everything else in comparison looks gross.

Yay! No more McDonald’s tile. 🙂 Instead, very pretty oak floors. This makes me very happy!

Huge props to our fantastic floor man. We put plastic everywhere to help prevent most of the dust (you can’t prevent it all, sadly) and he used our dining room carpet pad to cover the stainless steel dishwasher and protect it from scratches – love him!

Dust. Everywhere. EVERYWHERE! I have a feeling we will still be finding dirt and dust in random corners of random rooms for several months. I opened up our pantry and quickly shut the door. That will be a fun project to clean up…on opposite day!

Whoopsie daisies! Look what happened when we painted behind the fridge last year. Hah! Oh well. I am really over this wall color anyway and want to paint these a different color. This was supposed to be a light, soft tan – instead, it is a light, soft yellow. Not really what I was going for so before our contractor comes back to install the baseboards, put casings on the dining room openings and move the fridge back in, I will be painting back here and do it the right way this time!

For a look back on what we’ve done so far, check out these posts:
Demolition: Day One
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Demolition: Day Five
Installation: Day One

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Installation started today! The hallways were made of real brick so once the brick was up, several layers of plywood had to be laid to make those floors even with the concrete slabs and carpet in the other rooms.

I look at this picture and I’m shocked. The fact that there is a layer of plywood as the floor and the fact that there isn’t a wall blocking the dining room from the living room – it is amazing! I can’t wait to see how the real wood floors look in here and make this space just seem incredible.

I like this shot simply because you can see all three types of current flooring. On the right, the living room carpet that is staying. On the left, the concrete slab that comprises the flooring in the dining room and second living room. The hallways are just plywood – all so different, yet very soon will be very similar!

Our floor installer suggested we cover the air returns with filters and he was so right. When we went by tonight, the filters were covered in dust and dirt – so happy that isn’t all sitting in our system right now!

This picture is a pretty good representation of our levels of flooring right now – carpet, concrete and MDF. Just a normal day in the Steen house! I think we have another week left of this and then we will start getting back to normal. I can’t wait!

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When we saw the tile out of the house this week, I was giddy! Progress was being made and our McDonald’s tile was gone. Let me tell you a little story about this tile…

We sold our old fridge to the person who purchased our last house. So when we moved into this house, we had to get a new fridge.

Side note: This house was built in the 1980’s and had low cabinets above the area for the fridge. Did you know there are literally only two different kinds of refrigerators that now fit in spaces like this? We decided on one and purchased it from Lowe’s since they were having an amazing 4th of July sale. (bonus points – they delivered it the same day!)

Back to the story…the two guys who delivered our fridge brought it in and set it all up without a problem. When one of the guys looked down to our floors, he made an off-hand comment that went like this, “oh great floor! Did you know that McDonald’s uses the same tile in their kitchens?” My reaction on the outside went something like this, “oh, really? That’s funny.” And on the inside, I was thinking something like this, “son of a. Get out of my kitchen, now!”

Fast forward 19 months and this is what the floor looks like now. I am ecstatic! Concrete floors are so much better than McDonald’s tile.

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