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Last week, I posted my dreams for a great Mother’s Day celebration. I’m pleased with how it all turned out – especially the table! I love this orange and pink inspiration picture and really wanted to make it a reality in our house.

Orange and Pink Tablescape1The table runner was the starting point for me with this table. Its actually a full tablecloth (from the colorful summery tableware section at Target) that I folded and used as a runner. The white tablecloth is one my mom has let me borrowed for several years and is from Williams-Sonoma. The napkins are just a yard of fabric I cut into sixths. I love the Greek key pattern playing off of the lines of the table runner ..and of course I love the orange!

Orange and Pink Tablescape4The chargers are ones I’ve had for years (from Bed, Bath and Beyond) and the china, flatware and goblets with silver rim are all wedding china and glasses. The pink goblets are also from Target (in the same seasonal tableware section as the runner) as well as the multi-colored dipping bowls. I love that they had several colors grouped together so I bought a pink set and an orange/yellow set.

Orange and Pink Tablescape2The flowers are my favorite part. I purchased three sets of colorful roses from our local grocery store that has an awesome floral department (Uptown Grocery for those in the OKC area) and mixed them up to make these arrangements. I am in love with the combination of pink, coral and orange. The vases are from Dollar Tree (the best place for glassware like this!) and I let my mom and grandma each take one arrangement home with them as their Mother’s Day present so now we have one lonely vase – I may need to go get more for myself!

Orange and Pink Tablescape3 I’m so happy with how the tablescape turned out. This will be a fun and vibrant area to look at as the weather continues to get warmer and warmer – come on, summer!

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It is cold and gross here in OKC. Really hard to remember we’re actually in May, not January, with this type of weather so today I’m coveting big, beautiful flowering bushes like my favorite Hydrangea.


I found a tutorial on Pinterest that teaches you several easy ways to grow Hydrangea and keep them alive. I’ve actually found more than one great tutorial but I like this one the best – simple, direct and easy to read. Perfect!

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I’m sure by now you’ve heard that the 2013 Pantone color of the year is emerald. Described on their website as a lively, radiant and lush green, Pantone shows many options for using this color in your home and wardrobe. I’ve seen it all across Pinterest as well so I wanted to try it out for myself.

Pinterest Image - Emerald TablescapeMy favorite emerald in your home example is this beautiful tablescape from Pinterest that incorporates black, white and gold. I love a decorated table and since it is the first thing you see in our house, I always try to have a set table with fun and fresh elements.

Emerald Tablescape1This is my version that mostly uses what I already had in the house! Since switching out my great-great-uncle’s chairs for gold ones weren’t an option, I brought in a pop of gold with chargers from Bed, Bath and Beyond. The table runner? It’s just two yards of fabric from Hobby Lobby! (I plan on recovering a bench with this fabric once I’m ready to switch over the table to something for summer – yay for double-duty!)

Emerald Tablescape2I always try to start with our wedding china and its holding up quite nicely for being used so much over the past five years. Some people only use their dishes once or twice a year but since its always out at our house, we use it quite often! The flatware is the matching pattern to our china and the green ‘napkins’ are actually a yard of emerald green fabric from Hobby Lobby, cut into six pieces and folded to look like napkins.

Emerald Tablescape3The beautiful green glasses are the only really new thing on this table. I found them on eBay and fell in love with the blown glass. The water glasses are gifts from our wedding and match the china. I would love to have some with a solid band of gold, too!

Emerald Tablescape4Last but not least, beautiful hydrangea. Tables are so much prettier with fresh flowers and I love these big, white blooms! Our local Whole Foods always has great sales on flowers and last week had a really good deal on these. They are one of my favorites!

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One of the funniest things about Pinterest is that the longer you stay on, the more you see some of the same images come around and around. This picture is one of those but one that takes my breath away every time I see it.

The cascading flowers are unbelievable and unreal! If I walked into a room with a table like this, I’m not sure I could do much else besides gawk and gush. The white tablecloth, candles and ghost chairs are pretty fabulous as well but those flowers. Man, that is how you do a floral arrangement!

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Our front entryway is a fun one for me to change-up. I use the same basics – the table I DIY’d, mirror, lamp and lanterns – but like to switch up the other accessories. I still have some tweaks and adjustments I want to make to this area but the walls are freshly painted and so are the crown molding and baseboards so its a start!

Pretty much the same as last time just a little different, right? I filled the lanterns on the floor with the string moss/grass you can get at Hobby Lobby and put candles in the middle of them. Now that I look at this, the candles are crooked. Whoops!

The orchid is from Whole Foods, one of my new favorite OKC places. Our Whole Foods is pretty new and is a really great source for inexpensive flowers. The moss-wrapped letter hanging on the mirror is still the same from last year. I’m so happy it still looks good!

I love this tray I got from Target. It was pretty cheap and isn’t fancy at all but I thought the colors were perfectly bright for the summer! I’ve had the decorating books for a while and they are capped off with a John Derian plate and delicious smelling candle. Now that the wall is down, this one candle smells up our entire living area. So much easier than having one candle in each room!

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Happy first day of spring!! Today is the longest day of the season so we are taking full advantage of it by planting some new roses in the front yard!

Yesterday we worked on cleaning up one of the front beds. The monkey grass was completely out of control so we cut that back and laid some new mulch. I am so excited because the tree that is in it is a Redbud and it is blooming beautifully!

We have tulips coming up (the previous owner planted them, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen this spring!) and the Japanese Maple has little buds all over it, ready to pop open and bloom! I love spring!!

Our double knock-out rose bush on the side of the garage is greening up and I can see some early buds on it as well. I am super excited that the tree on this side is also a Redbud!! The tree behind it is a Magnolia tree and I am just waiting for that one to flower too.

Here is a close-up of the Redbud tree. I’ve never had one before, always seen them on the streets in other people’s yards and business, so this is a huge thrill for me to have several!

The backyard flowers are doing so great. We have tulips and daffodils everywhere as well as plenty of flowers that I don’t know the names of so I just look and admire. It makes me giddy looking at everything we have and discovering springtime at our new place. I am still in awe and amazement that this is all ours!

The fun comes with the bad though…the leaves. We had a crew come last week and take care of all of the leaves that had already fallen. We have one oak tree that hadn’t lost all of its leaves and I guess this weekend was the perfect time for it to drop everything else. We just put new seed down in the grass and laid new mulch in the beds. Oh, great! The joys of yard and gardening fun, right?! Enjoy your first day of spring!

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Spring is slowly inching her way here and it is making me so anxious as well as driving me nuts! When everything starts blooming, my allergies go insane. I’m popping Allegra and Sudafed like they’re going out of style. It is so worth it though when everything is in full bloom and our yard will look like this again!

Yes, that is Conner taking a celebratory drink the night we closed on our house. We keep it classy around here. 🙂

Lately I’ve decided that I’m over my old favorite flower – the gerber daisy. It was my favorite for so long but I think I’m ready to grow up and make a change. I am anxious to plant these new favorites in our yard. It is our first time to see it in spring and I’m so ready to see what blooms!

Hydrangeas – so gorgeous and so full! I love them alone and in a bouquet with other flowers. I would really like to see these in different colors, bordering one of the garden beds.

Tulips! I love their shape and that they come in any color. Pink and orange flowers will always be my favorite and tulips look great in both. It is making me so giddy because we have these starting to bloom at our house! It feels like Christmas all over again…I’m just waiting for the day when the blooms pop out.

And finally, the peony. (some people say ‘pee-O-nee’ and some say ‘pee-AH-nee’…is there a wrong or right?) Open and closed, they look great. This pink bush so beautiful. I can’t wait to grow my own this year!

Here’s hoping for a spring full of rain and a summer full of sunshine under 100 degrees so these beauties can grow, grow, grow!

All pictures, except for the one of our house, courtesy of Google Images.

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