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This dresser is a part of a furniture set that I got for my seventh birthday. It was in our old house in the master bedroom and is now in one of our guest bedrooms. This is a great, solid piece of furniture but it needs some updating. The plastic handles have yellowed and the white laminate has seen better days. My parents said I can do with it what I want so I have some fun projects in mind for this piece. I can’t wait to get started!!


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For our living room, I had a couple of projects in mind for two pieces of furniture. The first was a storage ottoman that Conner’s parents were no longer using in their new house.

They have had this ottoman but didn’t need it – their loss is our gain! It was a perfect size for our living room as our old coffee table was too big and too harsh for the space. (that coffee table is now the TV stand in Conner’s living room) The fabric didn’t mesh with our style for the living room so a simple recover was all this piece would need.

It is in amazing shape and I love that it is on wheels and also opens so we can store our blankets in it! Convenience and function – two amazing qualities.
I found this fabric in a local fabric store and fell in love. I saw it in the Ballard’s catalog a couple of months ago but it is even better in person…and cheaper!! Ballard’s wants $24/yard. I think the fabric store I purchased this from was only $18/yard. I didn’t need more than a couple of yards so this was a pretty cheap ottoman for us!

You can’t see the old fabric through the new fabric, so the new was just stapled on top of the old! I would like to thank my mom for letting me borrow her compressed staple gun and my friend Kelli who helped me attach the new fabric – you guys are great!

This is another angle of the ottoman. I’m thrilled with how it turned out and how simple it was to do! I didn’t want the fuss of the skirt, so because I avoided that step and the step of taking off the old fabric, it was a very quick project. (Yup, Carl again. He loves to help take pictures!) Thanks for letting us have this, Debbie and Jeff! We love it!

Here is the other project we tackled in the living room – the La-Z-Boy chair and ottoman my parents bought me in high school. It was my ‘study chair’ that is super comfy but not our taste anymore. This was purchased during my country blue and yellow phase…yup, we all went through that, right? It was time for an adult makeover!

Enter my mom with her compressed staple gun, Conner with his staple removing skills and me with my assistant, I’ll do whatever you need me to help do, skills. πŸ™‚ Conner and my mom removed all of the staples (I wasn’t very good so I think I made sandwiches…and got them water…and picked up staples off of the ground…and entertained the dogs so they wouldn’t get in the way) and then we started piecing the new fabric to each part of the chair. The arms were so hard! The curve of them – yeah, that was fun. I wish I had an informative, wordy, amazing step-by-step instruction manual for you but I don’t. My mom watched some You Tube instruction videos, I read several blogs that had featured these kinds of projects, and we just went on a wing and a prayer.

I love how it turned out!! I got the faux leather fabric online and am pleased with the color and texture of it! This is my new spot for watching TV and reading all of your blogs! Conner and I are on the hunt for new legs. Since the chair and ottoman had skirts on them, the legs didn’t matter. Now that they are shown – they totally matter!

This was a process of trial and error – we had to take several pieces off and start again – but I think it was great to say that we (mostly mom, Conner and the seamstress who finished the cushions for us) did this ourselves! Thanks mom! I love our ‘new’ chair!!

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Check this out!

If this picture doesn’t get me excited and inspired to transform our entry table, then I don’t know what will. Holy blue! I love it so much! Melissa at The Inspired Room took an old table she had sitting in her garage and gave it a new life with this serious color splash. Unbelievable. I love the guts and the courage to do something so bold in such a prominent space. I know what piece of furniture I’ll be painting this weekend! πŸ™‚

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Who knew there were so many table options for your dining room?! I have been looking at tables for a future, yet-to-be-determined dining room (I am a planner, its okay to look when you don’t have a house) and I can’t believe all of the options! I feel like it is a life or death deal to pick such a large piece of furniture that you really only use several times of the year…

Do you want a traditional rectangle with dark wood? (Pottery Barn)

How about an update on the traditional with less bulky top and clean lines underneath? (Restoration Hardware)

How about a distressed vintage looking table? (Pottery Barn)

How about a sleek and modern table? (West Elm)

Or, how about a round table instead of a rectangle? (Pottery Barn)

There are so many choices! I also like the idea of finding something cheap and making it my own with stain, paint, etc. I love taking an old piece of furniture and making it new and my own so there is that option as well. This could take longer than I thought…

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