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It is cold and gross here in OKC. Really hard to remember we’re actually in May, not January, with this type of weather so today I’m coveting big, beautiful flowering bushes like my favorite Hydrangea.


I found a tutorial on Pinterest that teaches you several easy ways to grow Hydrangea and keep them alive. I’ve actually found more than one great tutorial but I like this one the best – simple, direct and easy to read. Perfect!

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Conner and I spent this past weekend enjoying friends and family but also doing a lot of yardwork. It was the first ‘weed pull’ of the year and my back tells the story – it wasn’t fun. It always looks so much better when we’re finished but what a bear to do! I’m now in outdoor mode though and when I saw these planters on Pinterest, I knew I wanted to make them.

diy-criss-cross-x-pattern-plantersKate over at Centsational Girl is an amazing DIY’er. She has great style and is super brave with her projects. I would love to have these, make these, plant in these…whatever it takes to own them! I love the style and the price. (planters are expensive!) Have you attempted something like this? I think I need to add these to my spring DIY to-do list.

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Garden Game Changer

I’m definitely finding my rhythm and pace in the yard. Some days I’m a superstar and some days I’m a complete bum. Put them together, and I’m doing okay!

Thanks to our local garden center, I am now obsessed with pecan hulls. This has to be the best mulch ever. It looks great and when it disintegrates, it actually nourishes your soil! I love the uniform look to it as opposed to the mis-mash that most bags of mulch give you. It isn’t as cheap as the usual mulch but it is definitely worth the price!

We transplanted these hostas this year and they look even better and beautiful with the top layer of pecan mulch. Check it out – it is definitely a game changer for your garden!

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We had a great weekend that included dinner with friends, a golf tournament, a bachelorette party and the best: a chainsaw!

I couldn’t stand this over-grown red tip photinia that had taken on a life of its own in our front yard. Last year it wasn’t so bad so we left it when we took out the tree and old bushes when we moved in. The bush looks okay from the front but had gotten very straggly and limby (if that’s even a word) in the back. I was ready to get it out!

My parents were in town this weekend so we did a little heave-ho with their amazing chainsaw! Ten minutes and several cuts later, our front yard opened up and looked so much bigger! The scariest part of this process? Conner wasn’t home when this happened. Luckily he loved it as soon as he pulled into the driveway but you never know the reaction my projects I envision will get!

Side note: that ugly utility box? We have the utilities for our house plus two others in our front yard. This summer we plan on making a wall of plants around those utility meters to make it a lot prettier!

My parents had to leave shortly after the front yard was done but they left their chainsaw for more demolition! This is a corner of our backyard, in front of our shed. The previous owners planted some pretty great flowers and plants but you couldn’t see them anymore because this monstrosity of a cypress bush had taken over!

Less than four minutes after Conner had the chainsaw running, the huge plant was gone! I was so excited and even better than that, Conner was too. He had put off this project because he thought it would look weird but loved the way it turned out. Conner’s mom had given us the garden cart last year and I knew this would be the perfect spot for it! We found extra mulch in the shed and it created the perfect bed for the cart and newly seen plants.

Next on the agenda is water-proofing and weather-proofing the cart then filling it to the gills with pretty flowers! I can’t wait to play with colors and textures in this cart each season. I already see hay bales and pumpkins filling it up in the fall.

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Happy first day of spring!! Today is the longest day of the season so we are taking full advantage of it by planting some new roses in the front yard!

Yesterday we worked on cleaning up one of the front beds. The monkey grass was completely out of control so we cut that back and laid some new mulch. I am so excited because the tree that is in it is a Redbud and it is blooming beautifully!

We have tulips coming up (the previous owner planted them, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen this spring!) and the Japanese Maple has little buds all over it, ready to pop open and bloom! I love spring!!

Our double knock-out rose bush on the side of the garage is greening up and I can see some early buds on it as well. I am super excited that the tree on this side is also a Redbud!! The tree behind it is a Magnolia tree and I am just waiting for that one to flower too.

Here is a close-up of the Redbud tree. I’ve never had one before, always seen them on the streets in other people’s yards and business, so this is a huge thrill for me to have several!

The backyard flowers are doing so great. We have tulips and daffodils everywhere as well as plenty of flowers that I don’t know the names of so I just look and admire. It makes me giddy looking at everything we have and discovering springtime at our new place. I am still in awe and amazement that this is all ours!

The fun comes with the bad though…the leaves. We had a crew come last week and take care of all of the leaves that had already fallen. We have one oak tree that hadn’t lost all of its leaves and I guess this weekend was the perfect time for it to drop everything else. We just put new seed down in the grass and laid new mulch in the beds. Oh, great! The joys of yard and gardening fun, right?! Enjoy your first day of spring!

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So we had a little cold front move in last night but our plan this weekend is to finish raking all of the leaves in the side and front yards and finish the backyard. We raked leaves for almost 5 hours last weekend and collected 35 bags of leaves! Yes, you read that right. And yes, we still have more to go!

This year, I am determined to make our yard and gardens look the best they can without a whole lot of family help. Last year, our moms rescued us and helped us make the front and back yards look amazing and helped our purple clematis (like the one pictured above) bloom well into November!

I hope this year, we can do it ourselves. (I’m very nervous, waiting to see if our pink azaleas will come back in the front yard…) To make it happen, I’ve been doing a ton of research and planning. I also started receiving a monthly newsletter from my favorite local nursery and they send tips each month on what you should be doing to help your yard. I thought I would share the March tips with you and hope they help make your yard the best it has ever been.

For more information from this nursery, visit TLC.

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Spring is slowly inching her way here and it is making me so anxious as well as driving me nuts! When everything starts blooming, my allergies go insane. I’m popping Allegra and Sudafed like they’re going out of style. It is so worth it though when everything is in full bloom and our yard will look like this again!

Yes, that is Conner taking a celebratory drink the night we closed on our house. We keep it classy around here. πŸ™‚

Lately I’ve decided that I’m over my old favorite flower – the gerber daisy. It was my favorite for so long but I think I’m ready to grow up and make a change. I am anxious to plant these new favorites in our yard. It is our first time to see it in spring and I’m so ready to see what blooms!

Hydrangeas – so gorgeous and so full! I love them alone and in a bouquet with other flowers. I would really like to see these in different colors, bordering one of the garden beds.

Tulips! I love their shape and that they come in any color. Pink and orange flowers will always be my favorite and tulips look great in both. It is making me so giddy because we have these starting to bloom at our house! It feels like Christmas all over again…I’m just waiting for the day when the blooms pop out.

And finally, the peony. (some people say ‘pee-O-nee’ and some say ‘pee-AH-nee’…is there a wrong or right?) Open and closed, they look great. This pink bush so beautiful. I can’t wait to grow my own this year!

Here’s hoping for a spring full of rain and a summer full of sunshine under 100 degrees so these beauties can grow, grow, grow!

All pictures, except for the one of our house, courtesy of Google Images.

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