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It is cold and gross here in OKC. Really hard to remember we’re actually in May, not January, with this type of weather so today I’m coveting big, beautiful flowering bushes like my favorite Hydrangea.


I found a tutorial on Pinterest that teaches you several easy ways to grow Hydrangea and keep them alive. I’ve actually found more than one great tutorial but I like this one the best – simple, direct and easy to read. Perfect!

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Conner and I spent this past weekend enjoying friends and family but also doing a lot of yardwork. It was the first ‘weed pull’ of the year and my back tells the story – it wasn’t fun. It always looks so much better when we’re finished but what a bear to do! I’m now in outdoor mode though and when I saw these planters on Pinterest, I knew I wanted to make them.

diy-criss-cross-x-pattern-plantersKate over at Centsational Girl is an amazing DIY’er. She has great style and is super brave with her projects. I would love to have these, make these, plant in these…whatever it takes to own them! I love the style and the price. (planters are expensive!) Have you attempted something like this? I think I need to add these to my spring DIY to-do list.

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Garden Game Changer

I’m definitely finding my rhythm and pace in the yard. Some days I’m a superstar and some days I’m a complete bum. Put them together, and I’m doing okay!

Thanks to our local garden center, I am now obsessed with pecan hulls. This has to be the best mulch ever. It looks great and when it disintegrates, it actually nourishes your soil! I love the uniform look to it as opposed to the mis-mash that most bags of mulch give you. It isn’t as cheap as the usual mulch but it is definitely worth the price!

We transplanted these hostas this year and they look even better and beautiful with the top layer of pecan mulch. Check it out – it is definitely a game changer for your garden!

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