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It is no secret that I love spray paint! It has to be the best invention in the universe.

Take these discarded, leftover vases from Valentine’s Day, anniversary and birthday flower deliveries. Just taking up space in a cabinet and never used.

I needed something to fill the top of our armoire in our bedroom so I got a can of navy spray paint. Using several light coats, I first painted the vases upside down and then turned them right side up and sprayed another two light coats of paint.

I love how perfect they are and how the plain vases became something special with just a $3 can of paint!

They tie in the navy throughout the rest of the room and it was a very cheap and simple solution to an empty space. High up spaces like this have to be the toughest to fill. Usually you collect and collect and collect – this was definitely the easiest way to get a collection quickly.

I made sure to use varying heights and shapes of vases so it keeps the look interesting and not boring. Because they are the same color, it goes together without really ‘going together.’ I love spray paint!

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