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Today, I’m currently coveting a Nikon D5100. This bad boy of a camera has amazing reviews and looks like a fun new toy! A friend got one last Christmas and included in the package that was on special for the holidays was a free extra lens and free carrying case – what a deal. Hope I can score the same package!

When I found out we were going to Greece next year, I wanted to find a really cool coffee table book to celebrate. When I couldn’t find what I wanted, a friend suggested I take pictures with a nice camera and make our own book that is way more personal. I love it! The book will also be a great gift and thank you for the families helping us out while we’re gone. Here’s hoping mama gets a nice Christmas bonus that will go to this little guy… 🙂

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Today, I’m currently coveting Greece!

Why am I coveting it? Because I’m going next May!!

Yes, that’s right. Conner and I are going to Greece for a week long trip next May and I couldn’t be more excited!

Conner’s company offers an opportunity each year for the employees to hit a certain mark within the company and if you hit that mark, you not only get a bonus and raise but a trip for two with the other contest winners!

This year’s contest trip is to Greece and is going to be absolutely amazing. I am the luckiest wife ever – who else gets a free trip to a gorgeous destination like this?!

All of these images are pinned on my Pinterest board as I kept getting more and more excited the closer he got so I kept pinning more images of the beautiful country. I have been hoping all year that Conner would make contest and he did – I am the proudest wife ever!! Love you, boo!

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