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Sorry for my absence lately – we have been busy painting! Yup, more painting. We are finally working on our two spare bedrooms and making them into nice guest rooms where friends and family will actually want to stay and feel comfortable…not to mention they’ll finally be rooms we will want to look at instead of close the door on!

The room we’re currently working on is the middle bedroom, otherwise known as the second bedroom. It was purple walls and purple ceiling – so gross. (My computer is being funny so soon I will be able to hopefully show you the before of this room) We have painted the ceiling, the walls are finished…sans crown molding that my dad and I will be installing – he just found that out last night :)…and now we’re working on the molding and doors!

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Today, I’m currently coveting this bed from Anthropologie.

I love how gorgeous and unique it is!! I can only imagine the possibilities a room centered around this would take on. I love it so much and immediately started wondering how I could DIY this instead of paying $2,500? Hah!

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Today, I am currently coveting a relaxing and restful long, holiday weekend! Instead, I will be painting guest room 1 and guest room 2. Hah!

Can you tell which room will be Kilz’d from head to toe? 🙂 Yes, the purple room is purple on the ceiling and on the walls. Sick. As of June 25, we were officially in the house for a year and we’re finally working on the guest bedrooms – about time, huh?! One year ago we were painting and now…we’re painting again. I bet we’ll always be painting something!

We are going to take breaks though and enjoy this very long weekend. We greatly appreciate everything that has been done for us so we can be free to enjoy an extra day off of work and paint our rooms the colors we want! Happy 4th of July everyone, enjoy the weekend!

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In two weeks, our two guest bedrooms are going to be ours again! My brother has been living with us while saving for a home of his own so he is living in one room and all of our ‘stuff’ combined has been occupying room number two. It will be quiet and lonely when he moves out but I am itching with plans for both rooms so here is what I want to do with the first room…

This is one of the pictures I found for my St. Patrick’s Day inspired rooms. I love, love, love it! We already have the green paint and I am currently obsessed with white in rooms – this is perfect for us.

I love reading what Sarah at Thrifty Decor Chick is up to and trying out in her house. She is obsessed with molding, as am I. The guest bedroom doesn’t have any so that will be project number one! Sarah started her molding projects with a $14 miter box and a hammer and nails. My mom and I are up for the challenge of installing our own molding and luckily can use her compressed nail gun instead of just a hammer and nails!

What room isn’t complete without bedding? We have a double bed already for the room but have no bedding. My absolute favorite is the pintucked bedding from Anthropologie. The price however is ridiculous! I hate how expensive pretty bedding is so thanks to kojodesigns, we will be making this for $30 instead of $248. $30!!! I mean, get out of town!

Stick around, I’ll show you the steps to getting this dream guest bedroom and should have some fantastic stories of our attempts at these projects!

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