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So, if you pay attention to decorating and current home trends you probably have seen a million and one gallery walls. The term gallery wall can mean anything – same frame with same type of filler in perfectly straight lines or a multitude of different frames with all types of fillers spread out everywhere on the wall. For just several (aka 115,575 images) examples, here are the results from Pinterest with the term “gallery wall.”

My favorite is this image from Young House Love. I love the white frames with white mats but the fact that they aren’t all the same frame and they aren’t all the same type of filler. There are personal photos, scraps of fabric, little drawings from kids, pieces of map, etc. I think it is such a fantastic way to display items that are so personal and make it look like nice wall art!

The wall outside of our kitchen, next to our second living room, currently holds a very special OSU print. While I love it, I think it is time to retire this to the man room (the second living room) and take my first attempt at creating our own gallery wall with all white frames and white mats. This will create more of the homey feeling I want and not just “We love OSU, welcome to our house” home feeling that is currently in place.

I plan on spray painting the door bell cover – that awesomely 80’s brown thing at the top of the photo – and trying to blend it into the frames. Before I start on this fun project, I need to paint the wall and paint the trim the white that all of our wood trim is turning in the house…maybe I’ll wait for a snow day?? (while this sounds weird, one of OKC’s meteorologists is predicting snow next week. TOO SOON!)

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