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Are you ready America? Because we are ready to party for you! I love the summer, especially the patriotism of it. If I was hosting a party to celebrate our nation, here are a few of the details I would include.

I would fill an apothecary jar with beans to make a cute display of red, white and blue in the simplest form.

I would drink patriotic sangria…

Out of adorable mason jars with red, white and blue striped straws! The twine bow is a very cute touch to these.

And finally I would enjoy some ice cream with fruit on it but probably not before it dripped all over my hand because it is already so stinking hot.

I hope you enjoy your holiday next week. Be safe and stay cool!

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Today, I am currently coveting a relaxing and restful long, holiday weekend! Instead, I will be painting guest room 1 and guest room 2. Hah!

Can you tell which room will be Kilz’d from head to toe? 🙂 Yes, the purple room is purple on the ceiling and on the walls. Sick. As of June 25, we were officially in the house for a year and we’re finally working on the guest bedrooms – about time, huh?! One year ago we were painting and now…we’re painting again. I bet we’ll always be painting something!

We are going to take breaks though and enjoy this very long weekend. We greatly appreciate everything that has been done for us so we can be free to enjoy an extra day off of work and paint our rooms the colors we want! Happy 4th of July everyone, enjoy the weekend!

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Yesterday, I showed you the DIY tablecloth I made for our 4th of July tablescape! Today I’ll show you how I pulled it all together and made a DIY centerpiece to celebrate this great weekend.

This was my inspiration photo, courtesy of Pinterest. I loved the simplicity of the bottles with candles! I definitely wanted to recreate this feeling without spending a lot of money.

I started with 9 beer bottles, four taper candles (not pictured) and these flag cupcake toppers and sparkle picks from Hobby Lobby.

The bottles were brown so I spray painted them white to lighten them up. A clear bottle would have been ideal but I was working with what we had! The look on Conner’s face when I asked him not to throw away the bottle when he was finished drinking was priceless! The labels wiped off really easily after they had been soaked in hot, soapy water for about 30 minutes.

I started with the cupcake topper flags. They rest perfectly in between the white napkins and textured napkin rings! The white napkins were a steal of a deal – 12 for $9.99 from Bed, Bath & Beyond before I used a 20% off coupon. The napkin rings were a wedding present from Williams-Sonoma. I wanted just a touch of Americana on the table without being too corny or cheesy and think this small gesture is perfect.

Here is a look at the centerpiece! I love how the candles fit perfectly in the neck of the bottle and the sparkly picks add some fun and festive zest to the table. I ended up using several in one bottle because they were so skinny and thin. I like the bigger affect of several grouped together.

Here is another look at the table with the DIY tablecloth and DIY centerpiece. It is exactly what I was going for and I’m so pleased with the results! It was easy, quick and cheap – just what I wanted!

The little American flags gives each guest his/her own taste of the 4th and the candles and sparkle in the middle group everyone together. This look might not be for everyone, but I love it and am ready to serve up some barbecue! Happy 4th of July!

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