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For my mom’s birthday present this year, we made her a replica of a wall hanging she found at Pottery Barn and loved. The inspiration piece was WAY too expensive so we made it ourselves. Personal and more economical. 🙂

We took a piece of plywood, painted it and distressed it (i.e. had a BLAST with an electric sander) then poured on the polyurethane. After we gave it to her last weekend, I took it back! I know what you’re thinking – how rude! Well, I wasn’t satisfied so I took it back to do some more work. Here are the results!

The first is the inspiration piece:

AND…This is our version:

Here is a close-up of part of our version:

Here is another close-up of our version:

And, another close-up of our distressed version:

So, what do you think? Did we do okay? Mom is going to put it out on their new porch so the weather will beat it up even more – perfect! The spot on the wall outside looks great with this on it!

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