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2013 Will Be My Year

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Happy New Year!

Happy 2012!! I hope your new year is starting off fabulously! I was sick for two days and of course now that I feel better – Conner is sick. I guess that means our year can only get better from here!

I found these New Year’s resolutions on Pinterest. Whitney English is from Oklahoma City and owns a fabulous stationery company! (Check her out, here) I think these resolutions are perfect for me this year. I want to do monthly resolutions instead of large, year-long goals that I might not meet. So this month, I resolve to:

**Let things roll off of my back. There is no need to take everything personally and hold a grudge – it only hurts me and not the other person.

**Get back on an exercise routine. Working out makes me feel better and happier, I owe it to myself to make time to do this at least 5 times a week.

**Keep my house cleaner. I used to be very rigorous about keeping a neat and clean home, now I have just gotten lazy. Time to take back our house and make it mine again.

**Cook more. I love to cook but find myself stressed or just plain lazy and not doing this as much anymore. I love cooking for Conner and he loves trying new food!

Here’s a new and even better year! Happy New Year!

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I know everyone says it, but I really really can’t believe it is almost the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012! I still write 2010…time to get with the program, Laura! The end of the year means it is time for reflection, including my favorite (and sometimes, most popular) posts from the year. So…in no other order except for chronological, here are my top 10 posts…

My wine cork covered mirror that I hung in our kitchen…I still love talking about this one to people who come over to our house!

Ballard Design’s Mr. & Mrs. pillows were a huge hit this year. I took my try at it and love the results of my DIY pillows! They currently adorn the sides of my fireplace on our hearth.

This continues to be one of my most popular posts! The DIY Subway Art I made for Conner for our anniversary of our wedding song was pinned on Pinterest by someone I didn’t know and keeps getting people interested in this blog and in this post! It is definitely one of my most favorite of the year since it was so personal and I took so much pride in making it for my groom.

This was the easiest project of the year! I took a bunch of old vases and spray painted them all the same color to add some interest and cheap decor to our bedroom. I love these spray painted vases.

While this may not have been as popular on the Internet, it was definitely a very popular post among people I know in real life! I got a lot of emails, calls and texts after this published – whoops! It made some mad and some confused…either way, I hope I helped everyone’s house look better and less faux-ivy free.

The cedar chest that now sits at the foot of our master bed is much better than when we got it from my grandma! Crazy to think that not only was this same chest around when my dad was a little kid, his friend’s parents wanted to throw it away! Conner and I gave it some good-ol’ fashioned TLC to help bring it back to life. It fits perfectly in our bedroom.

I found some super cheap garden stools at Garden Ridge this summer and transformed them into white expensive-looking stools!

This year, I finally realized the power of Craigslist. This chair was a great deal and I had a blast making it over!

This fall, I took a wall that was bothering me and made it into something I love and can constantly change! My DIY gallery wall is exactly what I wanted and definitely a work in progress that I will constantly change.

Our home at Christmas constantly changes and evolves but one thing remains the same – our love for our OSU Cowboys! This year, I made a burlap, ruffled tree skirt and it makes me so happy to see it, even after Christmas is over. So easy and so fun – the perfect DIY project!

Thanks for checking out my top 2011 posts. I hope 2012 can bring even more creative and fun-filled posts for you and me! If you have any questions or want to discuss these posts, please feel free to email me: laurasteen {at} sbcglobal {dot} net. Happy New Year!

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