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2013 HGTV Star

Are you watching this year’s HGTV Star? (I still don’t know how I feel about the change from HGTV Design Star to just HGTV Star) It premiered on Sunday night and the jury is still out about some of these characters! The design is starting off well though.

HGTV StarThe first challenge was a white box vignette and I loved this one. The x-benches with nailhead trim are fabulous, as is the navy and white!

HGTV Star2Love this bar cart!! It is fancy and practical.

HGTV Star3As for the designers? Check out this guy. He’s a professor and I think I’m obsessed with him. His whole vibe is amazing – I can’t wait to see what else he does this season!

HGTV Star4This girl? Such a cutie. I love her and am totally envious of her hair!

HGTV Star5But my most favorite? The judges. Genevieve and Vern, especially. I have loved them since Trading Spaces!! If I came home and saw Genevieve in my house, I would die. For real. What a dream!

Do you have a favorite yet? It usually takes me 2-3 episodes before I find my favorite. I can’t wait!

(all photos courtesy of HGTV.com)

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Design Star

I’m a little behind this year and am finally starting to watch Design Star, season 7, on HGTV. I know everyone loves the white room challenge but my favorite is seeing how they decorate the house they will live in on the first episode. Some of the rooms this year were amazing and perfect. There were a couple of duds though and it always surprises me when that happens – aren’t you supposed to be a fantastic designer? I’m going to blame it on stage fright.

This room is so pretty and so elegant! Love the white couches and the large furniture to make the room feel more cozy.

That white molding nailed into a cool pattern on the wall is gorgeous! Love the blue underneath it and the covered ottoman. I’ve seen a lot of the faux canopy action but it is not my thing. I really like everything else in the room though!

I love one side of this room and hate the other! The glossy white moose head on the black background is awesome but I am so anti-little TVs. I grew up with a ton of televisions in our house and one this size would have been for the breakfast nook, not the living room!

This is supposed to be the creative studio. There is no way I could be creative in this room – what…a nightmare!

This room was my favorite! Blue and white with pops of yellow plus the chevron – yes, please.

All pictures are from the show’s page on the HGTV website.

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I love Sarah Richardson! She is one of my favorite designers. She always makes a room feel welcome and inviting while also keeping it clean and crisp. Since there isn’t a new “Sarah’s House” currently playing on TV, I checked out some of her other projects she has done online to get my fix.

This room is amazing! I love how the tans and blues play off of the phenomenal view outside those huge windows.

Doing laundry in this room would definitely not suck. Crisp white, sunny yellow…and a flat screen TV!! Put in a wine fridge and I could stay down here all day.

I want this room! I love the large, open flow from dining room to kitchen to sitting area by the fire. Those pendant lights are gorgeous and I love the dark wood floors contrasting against the white cabinets. Having a party here would be so fun because you really can have everyone congregate in the kitchen without feeling crowded.

Gorgeous dining room! Love that chandelier and check out the fabric on the chairs! Look familiar? I know! (Said in a Monica from ‘Friends’ voice. If you don’t like ‘Friends’ or have never seen this show then we should probably end our blogger/reader relationship here. It is my family’s favorite TV show, ever.) This is the same fabric I used for our duvet…looks like I did a good job (that’s me, tooting my own horn…) and picked something designers like using right now, too!

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