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Well, the countdown is on! We have four more nights in Stillwater, three more days of commuting to OKC and then we are closing on our new house! We are in our 5th week of commuting and it has gone so fast! What would we do without amazing parents who take care of us for this long and let us invade their space?

The picture above is a sneak peak at our backyard. Amazing, right? (Sorry its so small – I forgot to save the pictures they used to have online and this was all I could find right now.) The owners did a fabulous job keeping up with the landscaping and making it an oasis in our own backyard. We can’t wait and I know the dogs are pumped too! So much to explore and investigate…they have no idea what’s about to happen for them!

I’ll be sure to keep the blog updated with before/after pics as we get settled and moved in. Conner and I are very ready to get our hands on the house and start making our mark on our new home!

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After 83 days on the market, 81 showings and closing getting pushed back a week, our house is officially SOLD!! The papers are signed, the keys are handed over and the proceeds check is deposited in the bank. Man, it feels great to have that finished and out of our minds.

We have a contract on a new house but won’t close for another month so we are currently living with my parents. We are commuting each day but are so happy to have parents that let us, plus our stuff and dogs, invade their house for so long!

It is weird to think we’re currently homeless but to have the stress of selling over with is the best feeling ever!! Now, we can focus on the new home and decorating it! 🙂

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