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Bang Control

So, I have hair ADD. Sometimes it is long, sometimes it is short, sometimes I have bangs and sometimes I don’t. Right now, I have bangs but they are also having ADD as well. They can’t decide if they want to be flat, poufy, to the side or doing what I want them to do.

Case in point. This could have been the cutest picture of Conner and me at a shower we attended last month. Oh, guess who ruined the picture? My bangs! I was so excited and thankful for the helpful tips I saw last week on a new blog: The Beauty Department. I had a friend email this site to me, as well as saw it featured on several other blogs who love it as well. I love helpful people!

Here are their tips for better bangs and proper bang control:

1. Get ‘em while they’re wet. You have to blow dry your bangs straight out of the shower! It’s a must. The minute they start drying on their own, you’re no longer the boss. Dry them, then get dressed, then come back and finish your hair. Every time I tell my clients to do this, they come back and say it’s a game changer.

2. Dry shampoo before your bangs get dirty. After you blow your hair out, or even if you’re an air-dryer, blast them with a little dry shampoo while they’re freshly clean. This way, the oils never even get a chance to come out and flatten or cause separation.

3. If you blow dry, direct bangs the opposite way you want them to go first. Then blow them to your normal side. This keeps them from laying too flat on your forehead. If you like to wear them straight down, brush them to the left and to the right while blow drying, then blow and brush them straight down. That will help control any annoying cowlicks.

4. Go easy on product. It’s best to stick to dry shampoo and maybe a little hairspray when dealing with bangs (unless you have really curly hair and you need a straightening product). The more product you use, the more product gets on your forehead and can often cause break-outs. Eek!

5. Sometimes I like to lightly flat iron a small top layer of the bangs for shine and smoothness. I usually don’t flat iron all of the hair because it can get stringy. Just doing the little bit on top allows your bangs to look full, but stay smooth.

I hope these tips help you as well!

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