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We finally have one room completely, for real, not changing except for the decorations, finished in the house! It is the entryway, so it isn’t the largest or most exciting room, but it is finished and I love it!

Entryway UpdateThe dark picture on the left is what the entryway looked like on the day we got the keys to the house. That tile…I forgot how terrible it was! The ceiling was the same color as the walls and the moldings were ‘white.’

The much lighter and much happier picture on the right is what the room looks like today. The new wood floors and molding around the opening to the dining room definitely help but that light fixture brings it all up to date as well – isn’t it great?

Crate and Barrel Light FixtureThe Finley Small White Pendant is from Crate & Barrel and was a family affair to get it in our house. Conner’s parents gave it to me for Christmas and my dad installed it this past weekend – they both saved me a ton of money on buying this and having it installed! Even after the new paint on the ceiling, moldings and walls, this light fixture really made the entryway more modern and flow with the rest of the house much better.

Entryway After2The mirror on top of the painted buffet was a nice way to judge how low the pendant should hang. There was a ton of extra wire that we had to cut to make the light hang just right so we measured several times and hoped for the best once we hung the pendant. It worked out and is the perfect height for the room.

Entryway UpdateEach time we update a room, I’m always surprised by how little can make such a big impact. While the new wood floors are a definite plus, paint and a new light fixture were the biggest visual updates to this small area!

Now the floors in the dining room? They were a huge update and I will show you that before and after in the next couple of weeks.

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I’m back with another update on paint! I’m sure you’re sick of these but it is fun for me to document our progress. Hopefully soon I can do some more fun posts about easier projects (for me and you!).

It was touch and go with me vs. our dining room ceiling this week but I won! I used two coats of primer and one coat of Behr ceiling paint to get the whole area really covered well. I was determined not to have to do two coats of regular paint so that one coat was very slow-going and very thick. I think just the one coat of final paint took me two hours? VERY slow-going and VERY deserving of the glass of wine I enjoyed afterwards!

Tonight I finally got all of the grey paint cut-in around the moldings and window…it was clearly more enjoyable since I could watch March Madness while I worked. I was going to also roll out a coat of paint but I realized I am all out of sponge rollers. Such a shame, I’ll have to wait another day. Hah, yeah right! I’m now enjoying a glass of wine for my productive two hours tonight. See a common theme here? I like to reward myself.

My goal is to get another coat of paint rolled out tomorrow because on Saturday morning, my parents will be here bright and early to help us install these bad boys! I am so excited to have crown molding in our dining room. It is one of only three rooms in our house without it and I know this final touch with be the (wait for it…wait for it…) crowning jewel! Yup, massive groan from the audience for that corny joke but I just had to.

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Is this…and it is miserable. I will never, ever become a professional painter. This kitchen makeover is taking forever and ever and ever! I am not a patient person either so it is very frustrating to me that it is taking this long. Work really gets in the way of progress. 🙂

We are so close to finishing though and I can’t wait to see the results! The things that won’t be finished until Christmas are the new built-in microwave/oven, new counter tops and new sink but the lighting, paint, hardware and construction we’ve already done look amazing! I can’t wait to finish and show you the results. Stay tuned!

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Here is a quick glimpse of more of what we are currently working on in the house!

This was the fireplace in our living room on closing day. I have no clue why the picture is crooked – I was going picture happy and just clicking away, not really thinking about getting straight shots or thinking much of anything for that matter. I was just so happy to be in our new place!

Here is our fireplace now! We were watching TV and relaxing after finally getting the shelves painted and put back in so please excuse the can of paint and the Chili’s commercial on TV. 🙂 This is a ‘quick’ list of everything we updated in this picture:

  • painted the brick on the fireplace
  • painted the walls
  • painted the ceiling
  • painted the moldings
  • ripped off the old mantel
  • had a new mantel made
  • distressed and stained the new mantel
  • took off the fireplace cover
  • painted the built-ins on either side of the fireplace
  • mounted the TV
  • had an electrician run the cables and plugs behind the fireplace so there wouldn’t be any cords

Whew! I think that about covers it…

I’ve started decorating the shelves and still need to put a coat of finishing wax on the mantel and get some decorations on it. I’m still trying to decide what I want to do and how I want to decorate it. I’ve heard of the ‘three plus one’ rule (three things on side of the mantel and one thing on the other that balances it out) but I’m not sure how that works with a TV/art mounted above. Lots of playing with decorations in my future! 🙂

More to come in the process of updating our house…stay tuned!

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Here is a close-up of the pattern to our curtains in the second living room…

I love them! They are orange but also have a really cool pattern. I bought several yards of it and my mom hemmed them up for us. We’re in to no-fuss, no-muss so all of the window treatments in our house will be fairly simply and just casual. We get a ton of natural light too so we don’t want to ever block that out by putting heavy drapes or liners on the curtains. Nothing over-the-top for this house!

Max assuming his position at the window. I think our neighbors were having people over for dinner when I took these pictures. He had to make sure everyone was behaving! 🙂

Remember when I posted about those lamps I found at Goodwill this summer? (http://lauraandconnersteen.blogspot.com/2010/06/thanks-goodwill.html) Well, this is the blue one! I love how it turned out and it was fairly easy to do.

I spray painted a coat of primer on the lamp first, including the brown base, and then did several, light coats of orange. I used Valspar’s orange paint from Lowe’s and it turned out great! I didn’t even have to use the high-gloss clear paint at the end. I thought I would, but the shine from the colored spray paint is perfect! I used an extra lamp shade that I already had (probably from Target, they are great) and it works so well. The best compliment? Conner loves it!

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