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I am so excited about this book I got for Christmas! I received many wonderful presents (four of which I wore to the Thunder game Christmas night…I don’t follow the ‘wait two weeks to wear’ rule – I went for it!) and this one is definitely one of my favorites. I’ve only gotten a little bit into it, but I love it already. Definitely check it out for design inspiration and great home eye candy!

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Design Sponge at Home

I added another item to my Christmas Wish List board on Pinterest! The Design Sponge at Home book looks so good with tons of inspiration and I would love to have this at home for reference and help with my design style.

I have seen previews for this book and the reviews all sound really great. I’ve been keeping tabs on Grace through Twitter, just hoping she’s coming to OKC for a signing! I would love to meet her and hear any advice she has for DIY and blogging.

If you already have a copy, I would love to hear your thoughts and reviews of the book! Also, if you haven’t visited the website yet, check out Design Sponge online here.

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