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Today, I’m currently coveting this delicious looking appetizer: Grilled Brie with Strawberries and Honey!

This was in featured on Twitter this week, courtesy of Coastal Living, and I’m so happy they did! This looks so delicious and pretty easy. I love cheese. I love fruit. I love grilled food. This is obviously a must-try for me!

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I love brilliant ideas in the kitchen that help save me time and still help me eat right. Thanks to the website Healthy Mama, Healthy Baby, I found a new favorite idea that I will be using all of the time this fall and winter! (yes, you could do these now but it is over 100 degrees every. single. day. The last thing I want is hot food!)

They share three recipes of meals you make in the slow cooker but instead of taking 30-50 minutes chopping and preparing everything the morning you want the meal, you take a baggie out of the freezer with the pre-chopped ingredients and throw it in for a fabulous meal eight hours later! They do warn you will spend a couple of hours getting all three meals ready but I would gladly take that on a Sunday afternoon instead of stressing about dinner before I leave for work at 7:10 a.m.!

For the three meals, as well as their prep instructions and tips, visit Healthy Mama, Healthy Baby here.

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Today, I am currently coveting the Redbud finish line!

I run my first-ever 5K on Sunday at 2 p.m. and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t scared out of my mind! Am I prepared for it? Probably not. Would I ever be prepared for my first race? Doubt it. With a lot of prayer, water and stretching, hopefully I’m able to accomplish my goal of running the whole thing and finishing it!

There is a huge block party at one of my favorite restaurants after the race, so once I hit mile 2.5 the last part of the race will be a run towards the party and the huge burger that I’ve been craving for six weeks! See you on Sunday evening with an update. 🙂

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