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Happy #29 to my husband, boo and BFF…also known as Conner! I think I love his birthday more than he does – I always have it planned a month in advance and want to make sure he gets to do everything he wants all day long. We’ve been in Stillwater with my family for Thanksgiving so this morning we’re having brunch with his favorite foods then headed home to watch football and relax before going to dinner at his favorite steak restaurant tonight! I hope he loves his day and feels as special as I think he is! Love you, boo. xoxo

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First off, congratulations to Cynthia who won the UPrinting giveaway last week! Make sure you check your email and get back to me so we can get you your prize.

Now to the topic at hand – some of my most favorite things in life are great candles. I like them to be pretty and they most definitely must smell unbelievable! A mediocre candle will not do for me and they must last. I like to burn them all of the time, as long as I’m home. (Safety first!) Some save them for special occasions but life is most definitely too short for that. Did you wake up today? It is a special day, burn a pretty candle!

This Blue Volcano candle has to be like Heaven on Earth. The scent from one of these will warm up your whole house and it lasts so long! These also make the best presents. I haven’t found one person who doesn’t like it and they are so pretty!

Ah, Voluspa. I love this tin. They come in pretty tins and normal glass jars but I love the decoration on the tin! This Persimmon scent is my favorite for our bedroom and bathroom. The Crisp Champagne is also amazing. These also make wonderful presents and a great stocking stuffer!! (Hint, hint!)

Since we are so close to fall, I also love a delicious pumpkin candle! Any generic, random brand will do. You can light one or two throughout your house with your regular candles and you will immediately smell Thanksgiving dinner, it is my favorite. These can be purchased anywhere and along with a bottle of wine, are the perfect ‘thanks for having me over for the holidays’ hostess gift!

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