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Happy #29 to my husband, boo and BFF…also known as Conner! I think I love his birthday more than he does – I always have it planned a month in advance and want to make sure he gets to do everything he wants all day long. We’ve been in Stillwater with my family for Thanksgiving so this morning we’re having brunch with his favorite foods then headed home to watch football and relax before going to dinner at his favorite steak restaurant tonight! I hope he loves his day and feels as special as I think he is! Love you, boo. xoxo

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Today, I’m currently coveting Greece!

Why am I coveting it? Because I’m going next May!!

Yes, that’s right. Conner and I are going to Greece for a week long trip next May and I couldn’t be more excited!

Conner’s company offers an opportunity each year for the employees to hit a certain mark within the company and if you hit that mark, you not only get a bonus and raise but a trip for two with the other contest winners!

This year’s contest trip is to Greece and is going to be absolutely amazing. I am the luckiest wife ever – who else gets a free trip to a gorgeous destination like this?!

All of these images are pinned on my Pinterest board as I kept getting more and more excited the closer he got so I kept pinning more images of the beautiful country. I have been hoping all year that Conner would make contest and he did – I am the proudest wife ever!! Love you, boo!

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