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Woman of the Year

Tonight, my family and I are attending a very important event. We will be at the 2011 Woman of the Year ceremony!!

My mom was nominated by a colleague and has been recognized as one of THE 50 women of the year in Oklahoma!! I mean, how cool is that?! So impressive and one of the highest achievements you can receive! I love that someone thought so highly of her to not only nominate her, but a panel thought so highly of her that she was recognized as one of the 50 women that should be recognized throughout the state of Oklahoma. We have a lot of impressive leaders in our state – and my mom is one of them!!

Tonight, I will be dressed up with the rest of the family, telling everyone within ear shot, “oh, I’m here for my mom!” I’ll be hooting and hollering when they call her name and probably embarrassing her to death. Come to think of it…this is probably the best payback ever for the times she embarrassed me growing up! Hah!!

After all 50 women are announced, they will recognize the one official Woman of the Year…fingers crossed they call out my mom’s name!

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