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Confession: I LOVE Ellen! I have watched her show almost from the beginning and I just think she is absolutely wonderful. She brings a very fresh, fun and sincere energy to daytime television. Today was her season premiere and I love the new set design! These are the only two photos I could find since it just premiered today so bare with me.

In this photo, you can see her new coffee table that is made out of a tree stump! I go ga-ga over tree stumps as side tables and love this extra large one as a coffee table. I have serious table envy!

In this photo (I know, I know) you can almost see her new side decor. If you’ll look around Ashton’s rump, you can see the big spheres and orbs that she has nestled around the plants. I love them and love how they are grouped together yet thrown around in a natural and casual-type feeling. So cool!

I got these photos from the Ellen Show website but maybe you have seen some better ones? If so, please pass them on!

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Check out this amazing kitchen. Love the white, love the butcher block island top and the style of the drawer pulls…but I also LOVE the TV in the island! What a great idea for a room that doesn’t connect to the family room. I think having a TV in the kitchen is a great idea. Everyone gathers there whether it be just you reading the paper or a party of friends who want to keep watching the game but also want to grab something to eat. Such a clever idea!

Image found at Coastal Living

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