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Snow Day Fun

We are in the middle of snow day #2 and I am loving my life!! The wind chill is ridiculous so I’ve been curled up in my pj’s on the couch since Monday night. I’m not ashamed or sad to say that I haven’t done much and am so happy and relaxed!

Max and I checked out the snow on the front porch once it stopped at about 4:30 yesterday afternoon. We saw one neighbor successfully make it down his driveway and another get stuck when he hit the street. I hope a snow plow comes today since it looks like we will have to make it to work tomorrow!

Little Carl is so little…the snow is up to his chest so he has to bunny-hop through it all. It is so cute and hysterical! He loves playing in it and chasing Max. They’ve had a good time making trails in the backyard.

Once he is finished playing though, you better be ready! This guy needs a towel and a cuddle to stop shaking. He enjoyed laying by the fire all night long to warm up.

I’m thinking of being productive today…maybe…so I might start painting this bad boy and get another item checked off of my New Year’s Resolution List. Maybe…

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