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So, the Olympics? They’re amazing and everything but they took up all of my attention and time! I would come home, make dinner and sit on the couch every day after work. The weekends were worse. If I had to leave, I would immediately come home to watch more people doing athletic things I can’t even dream about doing. I had big plans for some big projects to get done during the past two weeks but…Yeah.

So now it is time to get those creative juices flowing again (isn’t this a great picture? Thanks, Pinterest) and work on some projects at home! I have several in the works and several more started in my head.

To get back in the groove of things, I started small with this tray for my small jewelry and accessory pieces. I wish I had a large dressing room that had room for something like this but I don’t. Luckily our bathroom counter is very large so there was plenty of room for a pretty tray that got even prettier with a few updates. The tray used to be black and was a very old Target purchase. I spray painted it white and cut a piece of navy chevron fabric (the same I used for the DIY lampshade in the kitchen) to bring some pattern and color to the bottom of the tray.

The two bottles I use to hold my bracelets are the same ones I used for our 4th of July tablescape last year. Yup, they are just beer bottles spray painted white. White and spray paint can make anything pretty! The ‘S’ plate was a Christmas gift and is a wonderful John Derian plate. It is perfect for my stud earrings and extra rings. (The rest of my earrings are hanging on my DIY window earring hanger in our closet) The yellow pillar candle holder was a clearance purchase at Pottery Barn several years ago and adds a nice splash of color to this arrangement.

This was the best kind of project to start with because it cost me $0 and took about 15 minutes of arranging, re-arranging and shopping the house. You can’t beat that! Have you done any fun ‘fluffing’ projects lately?

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Welcome to another installment of, copy what you see on Pinterest! (I’m addicted, seriously.)

I repinned this image recently because I feel in love with the idea immediately!! Such a brilliant way to help organize those pesky bracelets that rattle around on the top shelf of my necklace holder!

I don’t have many bracelets but the ones I do have had a tendency to slide all over the place and get knocked off in the closet. I used a leftover beer bottle from this weekend (St. Pauly’s Girl, hence the green color), washed off the labels and then slid on my bracelets. So easy and such a genius idea!

If you are also looking for an idea to store your earrings, do what I did in college. I got a $5 window from an antique store, popped out the window pane and then stapled in some mesh from the hardware store! It was the best way to keep them all out of the way and easy for me to find at the same time. After six years, this is still holding up quite nicely!

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