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Adorable Dresses

So right now, I have a TON of friends who are pregnant, have just had babies, are trying to get pregnant or have babies turning into real, small, people. It is freaking crazy! The only reason (sorry future Grandmas…) I want to have a baby right now? These…

Shut up. How adorable and OSU-fantastic is this dress? I saw it in the J. Crew store today and fell in love!

This little number is completely over the top and ridiculous for a little girl but completely and absolutely perfect! Love the collar, love the cut and love the color. Conner and our moms are in trouble when we have kids. When I’m not around, not only will a timed schedule be left and have to be followed but a wardrobe list will have to be followed as well. HAH!

I really don’t understand how any mom can stay at home and still afford to outfit their children. I would go totally and completely broke! OOH! Or, maybe I’ll spend all food money on baby clothes so I’ll get super skinny and have no problem losing baby weight. Maybe I’m on to something here…

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