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When we saw the tile out of the house this week, I was giddy! Progress was being made and our McDonald’s tile was gone. Let me tell you a little story about this tile…

We sold our old fridge to the person who purchased our last house. So when we moved into this house, we had to get a new fridge.

Side note: This house was built in the 1980’s and had low cabinets above the area for the fridge. Did you know there are literally only two different kinds of refrigerators that now fit in spaces like this? We decided on one and purchased it from Lowe’s since they were having an amazing 4th of July sale. (bonus points – they delivered it the same day!)

Back to the story…the two guys who delivered our fridge brought it in and set it all up without a problem. When one of the guys looked down to our floors, he made an off-hand comment that went like this, “oh great floor! Did you know that McDonald’s uses the same tile in their kitchens?” My reaction on the outside went something like this, “oh, really? That’s funny.” And on the inside, I was thinking something like this, “son of a. Get out of my kitchen, now!”

Fast forward 19 months and this is what the floor looks like now. I am ecstatic! Concrete floors are so much better than McDonald’s tile.

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Today, I am currently coveting a white farmhouse sink!

I am itching to finish our kitchen makeover and I know a sink just like this one will help finish it all off! The size and color is perfect for the look I’m envisioning and I’m very ready to get rid of our stainless steel, hard to keep clean sink!

We have done so much already in this room with our makeover from last summer but I am ready to take it all of the way with new backsplash, countertops and big, white sink! I am ready to rip the old one out and have one big bowl instead of a dividing line that makes it hard to clean large platters and dishes!

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So I talked a couple of weeks ago about the emptiness and sadness of our kitchen countertops after the Christmas decorations come down. I think I’ve found a happy medium between too much stuff and completely bare.

These are our countertops now! I kept the knife block, timer, monogrammed carving board and Le Creuset pot in our stovetop area. The breadbox will always be in the corner…I’m not really sure it could ever go anywhere else!

On the edge of the counters, I have the carving board/hot pad that our realtors gave us as a housewarming present and three glass jars. The two apothecary jars I got at Hobby Lobby for half-priced (man, I love that place) and the cookie jar I’ve had for a long time and can’t remember where I got it. These are great for our snacks and cookies…or maybe not so great, depending on how you want to look at it, since they’re always out and visible every time you walk by!

This is our tiny countertop area between the oven/microwave and fridge. We have our toaster, dog treats and an open bottle of wine. It is such a small area that it is perfect for little things like this and out of the way.

Has anyone else done something differently since taking down the Christmas decorations?

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