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You know how I know I’m getting old? My friends are going through things that I thought we were way too young to experience. Death, infertility, divorce…the list goes on and on. It makes me sad and gives me a heavy heart.

The good news is that I also have friends who have amazing things happening – babies, marriage, job promotions…that list goes on and on as well. Unfortunately, the bad news stays with me longer and as someone who wears her heart on her sleeve, is hard for me to handle. I like happy and fun, not sad and solemn.

I’m going to take a five minute break from the blog and probably most social media so I can regroup and just pause for a moment. Life is going faster than I can blink – it still gets me that its mid-October already! I’ll be gone just a week or so…don’t miss me too much. 🙂

Take a pause and break in your lives sometime soon as well – you never know when those precious people in your lives or precious moments that are happening will be gone and just a memory.


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A Great Lady

Today, we are saying goodbye to Conner’s grandmother or as we called her, Memaw. She lost her battle against lung cancer that took her very quickly and way too soon!

Memaw was a woman on fire! I absolutely loved spending time with her as she always had a joke and a smile. Even at the end, she was sharp as a tack and extremely feisty. She wasn’t afraid to speak her mind and no matter who was in the room, everyone listened and followed her orders!

Conner is so much like Memaw, it is both scary and neat at the same time! They have some of the same mannerisms and definitely have the same attitude and outlook on many issues. She was so proud of him for everything he had accomplished both in personal and professional life and I’m glad she got to see him do so well.

Not only did Conner’s family love her, but my family did as well! We all instantly fell in love and really enjoyed being around her and her infectious personality. She loved to dance and I know is dancing away with her husband, Ed, in Heaven right now!

I was so happy she was able to come to the Bahamas for our wedding and be a part of the celebrations! Their flight was delayed for two hours on the runway so Memaw entertained the passengers with her exercises and stretches up and down the aisles – classic Memaw!

Thank you, Charlotte Steen, for being a wonderful example of a true lady and welcoming me into the family with such open arms! You will be greatly missed.

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