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Happy Labor Day! This weekend has been anything but labor-free. We are project city around here with the extra day off of work and super cool temps (as in 80 degrees instead of 110. Praise the Lord!). This project was a fun and easy one since I worked with someone I’ve never DIY’d with before – my brother!

When he purchased his home back in May, he also bought this table off of Craigslist for $20. It sat and sat in our garage because he was in no rush to get it to his house and I was in no rush to refinish it in the 100 degree weather.

My mom found these chairs for him at her local Habitat Re-Store for $8/chair! What a deal. For the most part, they were in pretty good condition sans the stain that was wearing off. A little elbow grease, sanding and stain would definitely make them pretty again.

We sanded everything down by hand with a medium grit paper, except for the table top. I used my electric hand sander to really get the goo, grit and sticky off of the top. Once that was finished, we wiped it all down with a clean rag and went to town with the Minwax stain. We used the darkest they had – Dark Walnut.

The table top was super easy – wipe on, let it sit for 10 minutes, then wipe off the excess with a rag. The chairs were harder because of the nooks and crannies on the legs. We started with them upside down and using a foam brush, painted on the stain. We let these sit for about 15-20 minutes while we worked on the next set of chairs and then came back to wipe off the excess. There were some spots that needed touching up but for the most part we did really well the first time!

Here is the whole set, complete and put together in my brother’s house! We only used one coat of stain on both the table and chairs. Chris finished it off with some finishing wax to protect the stain from any future ‘oops’ that always happens. I think we did a pretty good job of darkening the table to match the chairs and evening out the stain on the chair seats!

Here is another view in his house, with his new place mats. We’re working on finding him a male-friendly centerpiece. I had a couple of options for him but they were too girly and not masculine enough. The gender barrier is hard to break when decorating for a bachelor pad!

Next up is another Craigslist project, this time painting a dresser and turning it into a TV console. I think Chris is attempting this one on his own – I love when my DIY excitement rubs off on my family! 🙂 He has the itch to keep going on his to-do list and is under strict orders to take before and after photos so hopefully I’ll be able to share that project with you soon.

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The 2nd living room is finished!! This room is also commonly referred to as “Conner’s Room.” Sometimes it is the “Game Room,” or the “Nintendo Room,” or the “Man Room.” Whatever you want to call it, we are very pleased and so excited to have two places to hang out and watch TV and to also have another project finished. 🙂

This is the room before. The previous owners used it as their dining room. We switched the room layout a little bit so the green walls, green ceiling, off-white moldings and grandma curtains all had to GO! The chandelier I actually like but it is being moved to our new dining room.

This is our room after! Dark gray walls, white moldings, new ceiling fan (Conner picked it out – he is very proud) and of course, orange curtains!

Another shot of the room before. This room looks out on the front yard and the dogs love sitting here to look out for us to come home or other dogs to walk on by.

A view of the room after! Our TV stand broke in the move, so we are currently using the bar as a TV stand. In the years to come, we would like to get a bigger TV (32″ just won’t cut it!) and a new media stand. For now, its actually pretty handy to have the bar in the “Man Room.” 🙂

One more ‘before’ shot…

And another ‘after’ view. SO happy with it. My mom did a great job making the curtains and dad did a great job hanging the fan!

The doorway going straight leads to the kitchen (we’ve started updates on it…whew!) and to the left goes to the other living room. Of course Max had to creep in the pictures.

This is where these guys are 90% of the time. The chair and a half came from Conner’s parents and it is so comfortable!! I can’t wait to get my hands on it though and recover it. Hopefully leather??

A view of the bar/TV stand and the decorated shelves. They hold vintage OSU pictures, pictures of us, pictures of Conner with some of his college buddies and golf memorabilia from when I worked for the PGA. I had to put some ‘girl’ (the Twilight books plus fancier decorations) with the ‘man.’ (OSU, Golf, etc.)

So that’s our updated room! We are very happy with it and spend a lot of time in here. I’m sure we’ll continue to update and changes things as the years go by, but for now it is perfect!!

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