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I am very excited about the possibilities that come with moving into a new house but also very nervous and timid at making the decisions regarding the paint, fabrics and layout for each room. It feels so final when you say, “okay. yes. That is what we’ll do.” I know, you can always go back and re-paint but after you’ve spent all day painting a room, who really wants to go back and re-do it right away?

I can’t sleep and live in chaos so our master bedroom/bathroom is what I have been thinking about the most as this is the area that I want finished first. I think, I THINK, this is what we’re doing for that area. I hope it works as well in real life as it does in my head!

Grey paint on the walls in the bedroom and navy paint on the walls in the bathroom with our white furniture and white cabinets/trim…

And this fabric (looks darker in the stores, more of a darker navy) on the bed as a duvet cover.

Some yellow sheets and accents throughout the room with some yet-to-be-found fabric for curtains and we’re all set! The shower is a glass shower so I don’t have to worry about a curtain and I’ve already seen the navy and grey towels in the stores! Now we just need to close and get in there so my dream can be a reality and hopefully not a major disaster!

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