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Bedroom mirror update


I am slowly but surely making progress on the oversize floor mirror for our bedroom. I’m finally in the end stage – silver leafing the wood frames. It is a pain in the patoot! I ran out of silver leaf sheets so I need to get more to finish one side and then I will be able to clean up the messy areas to show you the result!

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So in the middle of thinking about our dining room, hallways and everything there is to paint in this house, I’m also thinking about the other million little projects I want to do. This includes a floor mirror in our bedroom that I’ve been thinking about since January of 2011. I think I’m going crazy, y’all. Seriously crazy!

This floor mirror from West Elm, specifically the white one on of the right, is sticking with me. It pops up in my mind every other day, just taunting and tormenting me with its pretty simplicity. We need a floor mirror in our house (really just in our bedroom so I can walk out the door feeling like I’m looking okay from head to toe) like whoa and this one would be so great and so easy to DIY! It retails for just under $399 and I do not want to pay anywhere near that amount.

My goal is to focus on the paint, finish that project and then move on to this…ASAP…lets see how much this motivates me to finish one project before moving on to the next. I’m sure my husband will accept bets for the under/over on this one!

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I’m back with another spray paint before and after! This one was a lot quicker and easier than the bar cart but just as much fun since I used chalkboard spray paint on a regular mirror.

Not only did I do another spray paint project, but it is another piece from a grandmother – this time, mine! This mirror was the perfect size for the end of our cabinet that houses the oven and microwave in our kitchen.

I love the shape and the detail on the frame, but the brassy gold plastic wasn’t our style. We also already have a mirror in here (remember the one I did with corks? It is across the kitchen from this area) so we didn’t need another one. I had chalkboard paint leftover from another project so I decided to use it for this!

First, I painted two coats of primer on the whole mirror – frame and all. You can see in this picture that the mirror part is still glossy and glassy. This will go away after the second coat!

After the primer dried, I sprayed two coats of chalkboard paint on the mirror. I did the inside first because I figured it would be easier to cover up this part while spraying the frame. (Hindsight? It didn’t really matter, I still have touch-ups to do.)

I used newspaper and Green Frog tape to cover the chalkboard paint while spraying the frame with a gray spray paint. I should have been more careful about how I taped it off and need to go back to do some touch-ups on the edge but I’m trying not to stress out about it…trying…

Once the whole thing was dry, it was time to hang the new ‘mirror’ up! The trick for using an object you’ve just sprayed with chalkboard spray paint is to lightly color the whole area with chalk. This will prevent your first words from setting in and always showing on the newly painted surface.

And here she is! I love it so much. The color, the shape, the everything – it is exactly what I wanted and needed in this area. Right now, I have a partial to-do list written out. If you saw my real to-do list for our house, you might freak out. I can only look every once in a while – hah!

The one thing I wish I had included was magnetic paint. I would love to be able to hang a paper list on here as well as write in chalk but the price of magnetic paint is absolutely ridiculous! (no, you’re not seeing things. The last item on the list is to have a glass of wine. This is a must after doing these projects!)

Here is a final look at the before and after of this project. I love that something like an inexpensive mirror can turn into a fancy looking chalkboard! Let me know if you’ve ever tried something like this; I would love to see it.

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