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I love when people comment on the blog, especially when comments include helpful tips like reader Jael left me one day!

I posted a while back about my dreams for outdoor entertaining and included a picture of this Pottery Barn drink bucket that I wanted to include in my furniture arrangement. The only problem with this awesome drink station was the price. At $110 for the bucket and stand, it was out of the picture. That money could definitely be used for better purposes!

Sweet Jael saw the post and left a comment about this awesome bucket and stand from Dollar General! For only $14, you get the exact same look, plus a tray at the bottom for extra glasses! What a great find.

Once she left the comment, I of course had to go out and purchase this before Dollar General ran out. My DG had several left and I was thrilled! It took about five minutes to put together and is now waiting for our first party to fill with ice and tasty beverages. Thanks so much, Jael! I appreciate the heads-up and my bank account does too!

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